Enhance Living Conditions and Reduce Malnutrition

The campaign will stimulate sustainable economic development and promote financial independence.

Enhance Living Conditions and Reduce Malnutrition

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Ongoing Offline: The campaign is currently ongoing offline, and as a result, the fundraising process continues.


The campaign aims to provide assistance and training in entrepreneurship, enhance the entrepreneurial skills of women in the woodworking industry, and offer cash grants to support community projects aimed at improving the standard of living.


Yemen has long suffered from one of the highest rates of malnutrition in the world. To date, humanitarian interventions aimed at treating and preventing malnutrition and providing emergency food aid have played a crucial role in preventing a significant deterioration in malnutrition rates. Implementing sustainable programs to address the underlying causes of moderate acute malnutrition and improve the nutritional status of pregnant or lactating women and malnourished children in Taiz Governorate can contribute to the local community gaining better health opportunities. This, in turn, helps them maintain their health and foster improved development.


In the current project, we aim to improve the living conditions of families suffering from malnutrition in Taiz Governorate by implementing programs to reduce moderate acute malnutrition and improve the nutritional status of pregnant or breastfeeding women and children with malnutrition. This contributes to improving the health of these groups and their quality of life. 

By training men and women in entrepreneurship and women in making chips, the project contributes to improving and enhancing the standard of living, providing new job opportunities, and encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, which helps families improve their financial standards and increase their income.

In this crowdfunding campaign, we aim to collect funding from the community interested in improving the living conditions of families suffering from malnutrition. Training programs will be implemented in Taiz Governorate, specifically in the Al-Shaimaitin and Al-Maafer districts, with the goal of training and empowering 50 young men and women in the field of entrepreneurship. Additionally, special training courses will be organized to train 25 women in making shabisa, and 25 conditional cash grants will be provided to the winners who successfully submit their projects to begin implementing them in the field.

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