Empower Yemeni Farmers

The campaign will promote sustainable agricultural development and enhance the standard of living for impoverished farmers in Yemen.

Empower Yemeni Farmers

Ongoing campaign

Campaign Status

Ongoing Offline: The campaign is currently ongoing offline and, thus still in the process of collecting funds. 


The campaign aims to provide agricultural greenhouses for 5 farmers and distribute 15 female goats to five families. 


In Yemen, farmers face immense challenges in agriculture, leading to the deterioration of farmlands by about 50%. This is due to armed conflicts, climate change, and resource scarcity, which negatively impact the lives and income sources of Yemeni farmers, for many farmers agriculture is their primary source of income.


We aim to achieve sustainable agricultural development and improve the livelihoods of impoverished farmers in Yemen. Our approach focuses on providing new income opportunities and boosting agricultural productivity through innovative and smart methods. 

For instance, we will facilitate the ownership of protected farming structures, such as greenhouses, for five farmers. These greenhouses will enable them to grow crops more efficiently and extend their growing seasons, resulting in higher yields and better-quality produce. Additionally, we will distribute 15 female goats to five other poor families. This initiative will not only provide these families with a sustainable source of milk and meat but also allow them to generate income through the sale of goat products.

Through this campaign, we also aim to equip farmers with essential agricultural knowledge, skills, and training. By offering consultations and hands-on guidance, we will help them implement best practices in farming, leading to increased productivity and improved quality of their products. Our commitment to providing ongoing support ensures that these farmers can maintain and build upon their successes.

We believe that by empowering Yemeni farmers with the tools and knowledge they need, we can achieve positive, long-lasting change. Together, we can help these farmers build a sustainable future for themselves and contribute to the overall development and prosperity of Yemen.

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