Empower Tomorrow's Educators

The campaign aims to enhance the ability of 24 educators to address preschool education, improving overall quality.

Empower Tomorrow's Educators

Ongoing campaign

Campaign Status

Ongoing Offline: The campaign is currently ongoing offline and, thus still in the process of collecting funds. 


The campaign aims to provide 25 sets, each containing 110 toys and equipment items carefully selected to align with the preschool education.


In Azerbaijan, as in many parts of the world, access to quality education can be a significant challenge, particularly in underserved communities. Parents tend to raise their children based on how they were raised. Today’s environment, however, is vastly different from the environment during the Soviet period, which is the main influential context for the older generation—grandparents—and the next generation born around the time of the breakdown of the Soviet Union. If parents and grandparents cannot adapt their parenting styles due to a lack of awareness, it means the current generation of young children is still being influenced by the environmental factors of the past. This influence may compromise their ability to create, innovate, think critically, and be independent. To address this, actions need to be taken at the preschool level to introduce new learning methods.

In the summer of 2018, UAFA carried out a small study of typical children aged 0-4 years using the International Guide for Monitoring Child Development.  Results showed that 34% of the participating children were developmentally delayed for their age, particularly in the areas of speech and communication.  There was no indication that these children had a disability; they would have been considered by their families to be developing typically.  However, the screening process showed areas of delay that indicate the role that environmental factors may play in hindering a child’s development.


The campaign aims to break down barriers to education and provide young minds with the nurturing environments they deserve. The "Empower Tomorrow's Educators" campaign seeks to address this issue head-on by equipping aspiring teachers with the fundamental resources they need for their classrooms. From educational toys that ignite curiosity to computers that facilitate digital learning, we aim to ensure that every essential item is available to support the next generation of educators.

Education is a powerful catalyst for change, and teachers are the heart of the educational experience. By empowering aspiring teachers and providing them with the tools they need, we are not only enriching their futures but also opening doors to countless opportunities for the children they will inspire. Our campaign reflects our unwavering commitment to creating a brighter future where every child has access to an excellent education, regardless of their background or location.

As part of the campaign, the organization aims to provide 25 sets, each containing 110 toys and equipment items carefully selected to align with the Mektebim learning program. These sets will be utilized by educators at their preschool, Mektebim. At Mektebim:

  • They empower women to run their small businesses – creating more economic diversity.
  • They target children aged 2-6yrs from low-income families, to break the cycle of poverty.
  • They include all children – nobody is excluded because of poverty, location, gender, or developmental delay, to strengthen tolerance and diversity of population.
  • They use educational methodology that encourages critical thinking, curiosity, exploring and creativity – essential for strengthening Azerbaijan’s long-term development