Fight against poverty and illegal immigration in Senegal

The campaign will build an agro-ecological community center to train more than 500 women in income generating activities.

Fight against poverty and illegal immigration in Senegal

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Ongoing Offline: The campaign is currently ongoing offline and, thus still in the process of collecting funds. 


The campaign aims to construct of an agro-ecological economic initiation center to empower young people and women, as part of the fight against poverty and illegal immigration in Senegal and particularly in the Louga region.


The crowdfunding campaign is a pivotal step in addressing the pressing issue of economic vulnerability within marginalized communities, placing particular emphasis on women and young individuals in Senegal, specifically in the Louga region. This challenge is rooted in the profound disparities that these groups confront daily. They are frequently denied access to vital opportunities, financial resources, and sustainable livelihoods, which exacerbates their economic vulnerability and perpetuates a cycle of poverty.

In the Louga region of Senegal, as in many marginalized areas, women and young individuals often find themselves on the fringes of economic activity. Discrimination, limited educational opportunities, and a lack of access to resources and services have left them in precarious positions. This vulnerability not only hampers their individual growth but also has a broader impact on the community's development and well-being.


The "Agro-ecological Community Center" is envisioned as a transformative hub that not only addresses economic vulnerability but also fosters holistic development. This initiative recognizes the importance of equipping vulnerable groups, particularly women and young people, with practical skills in sustainable agriculture, agro-ecological practices, and entrepreneurship. By doing so, it not only empowers them economically but also ensures that they can play a central role in the economic growth of their villages and the Louga region.

Furthermore, the center promotes the idea of remaining in one's village, which is essential for preserving the social fabric and cultural heritage of these communities. It provides a platform for these individuals to access education and healthcare services, which are often limited in rural areas. This not only benefits the vulnerable groups but also helps in the overall development of the villages, as it encourages the retention of skilled individuals within the community.

Ultimately, this solution goes beyond merely addressing economic vulnerability; it promotes a sustainable, community-based approach to development. By empowering women and young people with knowledge and opportunities, it has the potential to break the cycle of poverty, strengthen local economies, and improve the overall quality of life in the Louga region while preserving its unique cultural identity.

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