Blessings of Ramadan Increase with Sharing

The campaign provided iftar and food to 58,109 people during Ramadan.

Blessings of Ramadan Increase with Sharing


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Campaign Completed: The campaign has achieved successful funding, raising $888,538 via offline and online donations.


The campaign aims to organize IFTAR events in 13 cities, during which we will raise awareness among 1,050 international students about Gaza, aiming to keep the Ramadan culture alive in Turkiye.


Despite the significant efforts made to provide iftar meals and foster a sense of community among international students during Ramadan, there remains a need to enhance awareness and understanding of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza. While iftar events serve as platforms for cultural exchange and spiritual enrichment, there is an opportunity to leverage these gatherings to raise awareness about the plight of Gazans and stimulate meaningful dialogue and action among participants. By addressing this gap, we can contribute to a more informed and engaged international student community, as well as advocate for support and solidarity with those affected.


Within the scope of UDEF's Ramadan activities, tens of thousands of international students are provided with iftar meals through associations every year, enabling them to experience the spiritual atmosphere of Ramadan and offering them a spiritual festival where people from different nations come together.

This year, our iftar events, which will continue as part of our Ramadan activities, are planned to be held in 13 cities across Turkiye for 30 days. The target audience of this project is international students in Turkey.

With these activities, we aim to allow them to experience Ramadan in Turkiye. Additionally, at each iftar event, a host will share the latest updates from Gaza, accompanied by efforts to create social awareness focused on Gaza. Through this, while preserving the spirit of Ramadan, the plight of Muslims deprived of this joy will be remembered.

These activities not only aim to introduce Turkish culture and Ramadan to international students but also strive to promote their awareness of global issues and encourage them to become compassionate individuals sensitive to humanitarian issues.

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