AgriStart Trarza: Growing the Future Together

The campaign will contribute to economic development and job creation in the region by supporting agricultural start-ups.

AgriStart Trarza: Growing the Future Together

Ongoing campaign

Campaign Status

Ongoing Offline: The campaign is currently ongoing offline and, thus still in the process of collecting funds. 


The campaign aims to provide essential equipment, training, and support for the establishment and expansion of two out of ten agricultural startups in the Trarza region of Mauritania.


The Trarza region confronts economic challenges, and agriculture stands out as a primary avenue for enhancing the economic conditions of the area. Through investing in these startups, the project aim is to rejuvenate the local economy, bolster food security, and establish a sustainable agricultural model that will provide long-term benefits to the local community.


Our campaign, 'AgriStart Trarza: Let's Cultivate the Future Together,' is actively addressing the economic and sustainability challenges faced by agriculture in the Trarza region of Mauritania. Serving as a vital pillar of the local economy, agriculture requires targeted intervention. The campaign is specifically tailored for the area of Trarza, encompassing various localities, villages, and agricultural areas within this Mauritanian region. The primary focus is to engage with local farming communities, aiming for a direct impact at the grassroots level.

This campaign will finance two out of ten agricultural startups in the Trarza area. The funds raised will be allocated to provide financial support, specialized training, and technical advice to these startups. The objective is to stimulate local agricultural development, advocate for sustainable agricultural practices, and generate employment opportunities within the sector.

To achieve these goals, they are launching a crowdfunding campaign. The funds collected will be utilized to provide initial funding for agricultural startups, organize in-depth training sessions facilitated by industry experts, and offer ongoing support, including technical guidance.

Through the promotion of sustainable agricultural practices and facilitating access to essential resources, our aim is to create positive momentum for local agriculture in the area of Trarza.