International Migrant Women s Solidarity Association

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In order to make visible the discrimination and violence suffered by refugee women we produce more sustainable policies in favor of women together with women.


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Nonprofit organisation

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0 - 25 000 USD



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Decent work & Economic GrowthReduced InequalitiesResponsible Consumption & ProductionGender EqualityPartnerships for the GoalsNo PovertyGood Health & Well BeingPeace, Justice & Strong InstitutionsZero HungerQuality EducationSustainable Cities & Communities

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Women Empowerment
Financial Inclusion
Poverty Alleviation
Youth empowerment

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Basak Salihler Gulbir


+90555 101 6463

Our association was established for a rights-based organization that adopts a gender perspective in which our target group refugee women in Turkey can apply in any necessary case. It is the first women's organization that includes refugee women among its founders and members and was founded with the aim of combating violence against women. We have been carrying out all our work with refugee women since the day we were founded.

Our Aim:

To carry out supportive activities to strengthen the capacities of migrant, refugee and asylum-seeking women. In addition, to move the contact of Turkish and migrant women beyond the coincidence, to produce a word on issues that affect our lives together and to get to know each other better, while getting stronger together.

To learn the daily and vital problems we experience, to share our experiences, to discover our common features and to cooperate. If we have needs, it is to determine our problems together and to contribute to the planning of appropriate studies to eliminate these needs and problems. Interaction workshops, training programs, joint activities and studies that strengthen organizational experiences are planned in order to take the first steps of the long road we will walk to share our ideas and experiences on the main issues in the field of women's rights and to fight together with migrant, refugee and asylum-seeking women.

Existing mixed organizations working in the field of refugee rights generally consider migrant women as beneficiaries. On the other hand, IMWSA based on the subjectivity of women and built its presence and activities on it, has been always underlined the importance of women's knowledge and experience since its establishment, being aware of the potential created by women coming together. In the near future, the number of trainers' trainings and women's work groups that will enable migrant women to become service providers will increase. Our association is planning to carry out new and pioneering activities in the field by expanding the organization it has established with immigrant women by taking such studies to the next level. In addition to the works we have carried out until today, we have planned to work on the development of leadership skills with focus group studies in order to strengthen the organizational capacity of our target audience with new workshops.

Aim of the project: The main objective of the project is to empower women and girls in the context of international migration by promoting human rights, especially freedom of expression, improving democratic participation and accountability, increasing their influence in decision-making processes and strengthening civil society against gender equality. The project aims to create an inclusive and supportive environment where women's voices are heard, their contributions are valued, and women actively participate in shaping their communities and societies. Through a combination of education, awareness campaigns, leadership development and collaborative building, the project aims to achieve a more egalitarian and democratic society that respects diversity, encourages active participation and upholds fundamental rights.

Our association has a different perspective that distinguishes it as the ideal candidate to carry out this project. As UGKDD/IMWSA, as a leading rights-based organization with a gender perspective, we have gained an important place in the empowerment of local, refugee and migrant women in the context of Turkey. What makes us different is not only our mission but also our foundation: We are the first and only women's organization that was established specifically to combat violence against women, uniting local, refugee and migrant women as our founders and members.

Since our establishment, our approach has been distinguished by genuine collaboration with these women. This integral partnership shapes every aspect of our business. By actively involving local, refugee and migrant women in our network, we strengthen their organizational capacity. This participatory approach allows us not only to identify their challenges and needs, but also to collaboratively design strategies that transcend the traditional buyer-provider dynamic.

Our uniqueness stems from our commitment to breaking down barriers between service providers and the people they serve. Instead, we foster an environment where women are co-creators of solutions, where their voices and experiences are central to the design and implementation of our project. This positioning ensures that the results of our project are not just interventions, but permanent transformations fueled by the energy and insights of the women they empower.