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Child Care Charity Association

Providing social services to the targeted groups of orphans, people with disabilities, and all those who need service through the associations programs and work ...

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Let’s change things for better together //// Jordan - Mafraq - North Badia

Fare Al-Masaeed


1- We have excel databases for all different activities for example:

a. we have a database for all people with disabilities children in our school for people with disabilities that include a waiting list and a list of students who are coming on a daily basis to our school.

b. we have 3 different databases for orphans where one of them is a record for all of them who are registered with our association, another one for the orphans who are getting monthly assistance through certain donors through our association, and the last one for the orphans who are collecting monthly assistant by our organization.

2- We have created a map for all students that comes to our association from people with disabilities.

3- We have created a map that shows each location for all Syrian refugees who getting assistance from our organization in the random camps.

5- We create assessments for different activities using Kobo to fill out surveys.

4- Many other points to be added later