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      Provide Forest Bags to Children

      Provide Forest Bags to Children

      The campaign will empower children with the knowledge and resources to explore and appreciate nature.

      The Second Life Olives: From Construction Sites to Green Oasis

      The Second Life Olives: From Construction Sites to Green Oasis

      The campaign will conserve and enhance biodiversity in Kahramanmaraş, preserving the irreplaceable genetic heritage of native olive species.


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      Nef Foundation

      Nef, a social company, continues its projects under Nef Foundation since 2015 to promote social potential and awareness for future generations.

      Ghiras ALKhaeer Humanitarian Organization

      We are a non-governmental organization of civil society organizations working in the field of providing care and assistance to the less fortunate communities, t ...

      Sadece Insan Uluslararasi Yardim Dernegi

      Humanitarian Relief in Turkey and Worldwide

      Multeciler ve Siginmacilar Yardimlasma ve Dayanisma Dernegi

      We undertake comprehensive and holistic initiatives in the sectors of protection, education, health, social cohesion and livelihoods to refugees.

      Aegean Exporters Associations

      An organizastion established for capacity building and export promotion

      Masal Torbasi

      Creative Drama and Puppet activites with fairy tale bag toy which is discovered by us. We also habe an worksop atelier for kids, adults and puppet theatre. ...

      Green Transformation in Industry, Climate Change Adaptation and Bioeconomics Research Association

      In June 2021, we established our organization. Our association works on the green transformation of the industry, adaptation and adaptation skills to change. ...

      Eskisehir Cevre Koruma ve Gelistirme Dernegi

      Doğa ve çevrenin korunması konusunda her türlü faaliyetlerde bulunmak

      Bursa Innovative Volunteering and Sports Association

      Bursa Innovative Volunteering and Sports Association was founded in 2019 by 20 university students to create a legal entity in Bursa.

      Divan Research and Education Association

      Founded in 2005 in Istanbul, it has carried out many national and international activities in line with its founding objectives since its establishment. ...

      Tarim Laboratuvarlari Dernegi

      Gıda güvenliği, gıda güvencesi, tarım-orman arazilerinin ve çevrenin korunması amacı ile Türkiye'de toprak, gıda, su ve çevre analizlerinin yaygınlaştırılması. ...

      Ankara Orienteering Sport Kulubu

      It was established in 2009. Its aim is to ensure the spread of orienteering, which is a nature sport and to raise individuals who are sensitive to the environme ...

      Ilk Sen Ol Genclik Hareketi Dernegi

      First Be You Youth Movement Association was established in Istanbul in 2019.

      Gida Kurtarma Dernegi

      Gıda Kurtarma Derneği olarak 2017 yılından beri, farkındalık, savunuculuk ve gıda bankacılığı kapasite geliştirme çalışmaları yürütüyoruz.

      Institute of Urban Studies

      Institute of Urban Studies, is a think tank that takes the identification of urban problems and develops solutions, conducts studies in this context.

      Inovatif ve Girisimci Toplum Dernegi

      Derneğimiz; yenilikçi ve girişimci gençlik başta olmak üzere her yaştan insanları destekleyen 2018 yılında öğretmenler tarafından kurulmuş bir STK'dır. ...

      Association of Constructing and Sustaining the Prophet Enes Bin Malik Mosque in Baglica Neighborhood

      The association was established with the aim of providing all kinds of assistance in order to make the mosque and mosque facilities to be built on 48.151 blocks ...

      Sustainable Economics and Finance Association

      As an NGO based in Ankara, SEFiA focuses on economic and financial analysis of the just energy transition, climate change and low-carbon policy development. ...

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