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      Through ecotourism to the well-being of society

      Through ecotourism to the well-being of society

      The campaign will enhance ecotourism by providing training to villagers to expand their businesses.

      $91,625 / $20,000

      Help Plant Trees And Restore The Forests of Kazakhstan

      Help Plant Trees And Restore The Forests of Kazakhstan

      Help out planet to fight with global warming and help people to improve the quality of the soil in rural areas.

      $4,900 / $4,500



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      association of youth and children organizations


      Ak bosaga

      women's public association Ak bosaga

      Ikem Technologies

      Transforing waste into product (hydrocarbon waste beneficiation)

      "Bolashak" Association, Almaty

      We are working on the formation of an expert community that is competent in various areas of social life of country with focus on quality education

      "Starmom" Private Entrepreneur

      Publishing, books for early education

      Public Foundation "Council of Veterans of the Second World War, Home Front Workers and War Children"

      Organization of charitable assistance to veterans of the Great Patriotic War, veterans of the labor front, pensioners, children of war and other unprotected seg ...

      Decenta Public Foundation

      Decenta founded in 2001 as Resource Centre for CSOs, has extensive experience in project management, researches, advocacy,in total implemented about 80 projects ...

      Общественное обьединение "Арал тенизи"

      Общественного Объединение « Арал теңізі»- это неправительственное организация, обосновано 1998 году , всего участников - 324 человек и 417 волонтеров . ...

      Общественное объединение "Центр развития и социальной помощи населению "Мой Дом"

      Миссия - помощь и поддержка людей в трудной жизненной ситуации, ВИЧ, ТБ, выпускников детских домов, многодетных, вышедших из МЛС, женщин подвергшихся насилию. ...


      The StudyCS is a non-profit organization that aims to provide Kazakhstani kids with the most relevant Computer Science (CS) education and Digital Literacy skill ...

      "The Children are Painting the World"

      The goals of organization: art, creativity, intangible and tangible cultural heritage; environment and sustainable development etc. among children and youth ...

      Green Steppe Journal

      The Green Steppe Journal is an independent observer of renewable energy developments in Kazakhstan and the rest of the world.

      Общественный фонд "Центр комплексной поддержки семьи "Семейная Академия"

      Защита прав детей и поддержка института семьи через развитие инфраструктуры детства, повышение качества социальных услуг, ориентированных на семью и детей ...

      Молодежное общественное объединение DamU.kst"

      Молодежное волонтерское движение создано в 2015 году, в 2020 гоу зарегистрировано в качестве юридического лица.

      Public fund "Chemical Safety Coordination Center "ToxicFree Kazakhstan"

      implementation of the best available practices for the rational management of chemicals and waste in the Republic of Kazakhstan

      Velo Lady

      A social project - a bicycle rental location, free renting of tricycles for disabled people in terms of rehabilitation, for obese people, for the elderly. ...

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