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      Samarkand branch of the public association Yuksak Salohiyat

      To promote the development and support of citizens' initiatives, the use of rights and freedoms in building civil society.

      Konimex nogironlar jamiyati

      Nogironligi bor insonlarni sog'lom jamiyatga kiritish va mehnat bilan ta'minlash

      Public Unity Yuksak Salohiyat

      Supporting citizens' initiatives in using rights and freedoms, improving the quality of life by maintaining health, raising cultural and educational levels ...

      Navoiy viloyati Asalarichilar assatsiatsiyasi

      Asalarichilikni rivojlantirish va asalarichi subyektlar bilan ishlash

      International woman public fund Sharq Ayoli Woman of East

      The Found was established in 1999 and is a recognized leader of the social movement of Uzbekistan, the author and coordinator of a number of social projects. ...


      Media organization

      Fergana branch of the public association Yuksak Salokhiyat

      Social, legal assistance to promote the development and support of citizens' initiatives in the use of rights and freedoms.

      Center for agro information innovation of Uzbekistan

      Implementation of local and international projects, provision of consulting services

      Socialno pravovoi centr zaschiti jenschin i detei Ferganskoi oblasti.

      Sodeistvie v uluchshenii socialno_ekonomicheskogo polojeniya uyazvimih sloev naseleniya_ aktivizaciya ih grajdanskoi pozicii_ razvitii sposobnostei i vozmojnos ...

      Ferghana territorial branch of the association Women agricultural sector of Uzbekistan

      On August 5, 2020, it was registered at the Department of Justice of Fergana region.


      HAMROH works with youth, women. Hamroh goal is to improve the cultural, social and legal knowledge of young people in order to build a democratic society ...

      Public Association Muloqot

      "Muloqot" (Dialogue) was registered as an NGO on April 23, 2018, by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

      NGO Mehr kozda Centre

      Provision of legal, social, psychological, medical assistance to children, youth, women and vulnerable layer of population.

      NGO ekolog

      The main directions of the Public Association Ecologist: climate change, biodiversity, air quality, water, environmental education.

      Mediadatalab, Media research and educational development center NGO

      Center for media, journalism and data communications development

      Public association Fund Agroinnovatsiya

      Оказание поддержки по широкому внедрению высокоэффективных инноваций и инновационных технологий в сельскохозяйственный сектор, природоохранную деятельность. ...

      Decarbon LLC

      climate change focused initiatives

      We can't find platforms that match your search

      Check out a collection of featured and recommended options below