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      Art of Hope: Interactive Workshop for Children After Earthquakes

      Art of Hope: Interactive Workshop for Children After Earthquakes

      The campaign will encourage creativity among children affected by the earthquake.

      Provide Forest Bags to Children

      Provide Forest Bags to Children

      The campaign will empower children with the knowledge and resources to explore and appreciate nature.

      Women are also Present in Football

      Women are also Present in Football

      The campaign will contribute to 30 girls' academic careers and foster their self-confidence development.

      Support the Dream Piggy Banks in Village Schools

      Support the Dream Piggy Banks in Village Schools

      The campaign will reduce opportunity inequalities among children in village schools and fulfill at least one dream of 300 children.

      Let's Build Justice Together

      Let's Build Justice Together

      The campaign will enhance the number of 30 individuals through training provided by competent lawyers and academics specializing in human rights and internation ...


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      Nef Foundation

      Nef, a social company, continues its projects under Nef Foundation since 2015 to promote social potential and awareness for future generations.


      Beyaz Eller Yardımlaşma Derneği (trading as White Hands), an NGO registered in Türkiye (registration number 34-191-064)

      Ghiras ALKhaeer Humanitarian Organization

      We are a non-governmental organization of civil society organizations working in the field of providing care and assistance to the less fortunate communities, t ...


      MUNNANSI FOR HUMANITY DEVELOPMENT is non-governmental, not for profit organization that was established to help support orphaned and vulnerable children. ...


      Sinerji Is A Youth Organization That Aims To Provide Young People With A Comprehensive Set Of Knowledge,Skills,And Tools That Enable Them To Think In Innovative ...

      Sadece Insan Uluslararasi Yardim Dernegi

      Humanitarian Relief in Turkey and Worldwide

      Multeciler ve Siginmacilar Yardimlasma ve Dayanisma Dernegi

      We undertake comprehensive and holistic initiatives in the sectors of protection, education, health, social cohesion and livelihoods to refugees.

      Aegean Exporters Associations

      An organizastion established for capacity building and export promotion

      Reyhan Development and Cooperation Association

      Reyhander, who is actively involved in the field of migration as an independent, impartial and non-profit organization, aims to support asylum seekers. ...


      Türkiye'de her kesimden endüstri mühendisi ve öğrencilerini tek çatı altında toplayan ilk ve tek sivil toplum kuruluşudur.

      Masal Torbasi

      Creative Drama and Puppet activites with fairy tale bag toy which is discovered by us. We also habe an worksop atelier for kids, adults and puppet theatre. ...

      Sadakatasi Association

      As Sadakatasi Association we have been carrying out our efforts to reach a world order by way of goodness in which we can create a goodness feeling ...

      Bursa Innovative Volunteering and Sports Association

      Bursa Innovative Volunteering and Sports Association was founded in 2019 by 20 university students to create a legal entity in Bursa.

      Orphan Foundation

      We aim to create an environment that will contribute to the development of children and protect the integrity of their mental and physical health.

      Alliance of International Doctors

      AID is an international NGO aiming to reach people in need of health assisstance including psychosocial help.

      Divan Research and Education Association

      Founded in 2005 in Istanbul, it has carried out many national and international activities in line with its founding objectives since its establishment. ...

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