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Gusoor for Peace and Coexistence

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The organization focuses on supporting and promoting stability in local communities through an integrated performance system that stems from sustainable develop


Organisation type

Nonprofit organisation

Country of Registration

Annual Budget

25 000 - 100 000 USD



SDG / Categories

Clean Water & SanitationLife on LandPeace, Justice & Strong InstitutionsNo PovertyQuality EducationGender Equality

Field of Activities

Youth empowerment
Climate change (education, research, projects)

Organisation Laguage




1- “Community Assessment Portal Project _2” Strengthening the role of the local community in exercising community accountability for the performance of the local authority and the public services it provides in the sectors (General Administration of Police, Public Prosecution, Correctional Prison, Cleaning and Improvement Fund). By giz in 2023.

2-"Digital advocacy project to enhance the efforts of youth and women in peacebuilding”  Mobilization and electronic advocacy to strengthen the voices of youth and women as an active group in peacebuilding and decision-making at the national and subnational levels,b y CIVICUS in 2023.

3- “Innovation for Coexistence Project “Expanding the participation of community initiatives within the framework of innovative interventions that support community cohesion and development measures in local communities in both the capital, Sana’a, and Taiz Governorate. By Giz in 2021

4- Community Evaluation Portal Project _1"Evaluating Humanitarian Response Operations-Encouraging a culture of community accountability in evaluating humanitarian response operations in targeted local communities to ensure improvement in the quality, adequacy and suitability of services provided by local and international organizations in Taiz Governorate by CARE in 2021.