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      Adara Relief International

      Adara's aim is to contribute to the support and development of children and women in remote areas in Indonesia also in conflict countries in the world ...

      Palestinian Orphan Home

      جمعية دار اليتيم الفلسطيني هي جمعية أهلية خيرية أنشأت في قطاع غزة 2006

      Wafaa Microfinance and Capacity Building

      Wafaa Palestine is a brach of Wafaa International Group, in Palestine wafaa works in empowering the Palestinian people financially and socially

      Rahma for Relief and Development

      Rahma for Relief and Development established in 1997, and since then it has implemented many project in different fields with different partners

      Najah national University Hospital

      Najah National University Hospital (NNUH) it is an NGO (Waqf Islami) aims to enhance national health system, provide health services, education and research. ...

      Gazze Destek Derneği

      GDD is a nonprofit humanitarian and development organization aiming to address the humanitarian and development needs of vulnerable and refugees worldwide. ...

      Palestine Wildlife Society

      The Palestine Wildlife society (PWLS) is a Palestinian NGO established in 1999 for wildlife protection and nature conservation in Palestine.

      Rural Association for Agricultures Development

      The Rural Association for Agricultural Development was established in 2006 under license No. 7515 as a non-governmental organizatio in the town of Abasan Al-Kab ...


      AL DAMEER Association for Human Rights, a Palestinian non-governmental organization specialized in defending human rights. Licensed in 1993 through the efforts ...

      Alweaam Charitable Society

      Alweaam Charitable Society, non profit, was established in 2006. for providing relief projects for all segmetns in the Gaza Strip.

      alezdehar society

      A charitable foundation that helps children, women, the disabled and marginalized families

      Al-Manal society for the Development of Rural Women

      A national non-governmental organization established in 2000, licensed by the Ministry of Interior under No. (7200), based in Palestine - Gaza Strip

      Palestine Save the Children Foundation

      Palestine Save the Children Foundation (henceforth PSCF) was established in l999 as a Palestinian national and non-governmental organization.

      Spark for Innovation and Creativity

      Spark is, not-for-profit developmental organization working in the fields of entrepreneurship, digital transformation, culture, and education.

      Future Association for Development and Environment

      F.A.D.E seeks to support community development in Palestine generally and Gaza Strip particularly. Furthermore, it aims to contribute in securing healthy ...

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