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      National Alliance Against Hunger and Malnutrition NAJMAH

      NAJMAH is a Jordanian, non-governmental-Non-profit organization founded in 2004. NAJMAH is a member of the International Alliance against Hunger.


      iico kwiat 1984

      Zarqaa Alyamama charity

      Azraq Al Yamamah Charitable Society helps all its members, headed by the President of the Society, Mrs. Widad Al-Maghrabi, which help to create job for women ...

      Rafeeq for social services

      non-profit organization based in Amman, Jordan, founded in early 2020, works to provide psychological support and empowerment for people with disabilities ...

      Ma'an for community development company/maan development company

      Achieving comprehensive economic development by working with the local community to improve their quality of life through means that serve business

      Khairat Baladi Agricultural Cooperative Society

      A non-profit organization that aims to support the poor

      Dar Al Yaqeen Association Society

      Dar Al-Yaqeen Association is a charitable association with a vision and mission, founded in 2012 through a group of women, and works to provide social, economic ...

      Nashamah Loyalness and Affiliation Association

      تهدف الى دعم المشاريع الصغيرة وخدمة المجتمع المحلي ومساعدة العائلات الفقيرة وتمكين المرأة والشباب

      The Association of All of you is responsible for an orphan

      A charitable association to help orphans, the poor and people with special needs

      Recycling for Education

      It works in empowering Jordanian and Arab youth, children, and women in many fields, including recycling, climate change, green entrepreneurship, environmental ...

      Qutoof Professional Development

      A non-profit company specializing in vocational training in the environment, waste management, recycling, circular economy and green jobs

      Tree Care and Food Processing Association

      An association concerned with caring for trees, increasing production, benefiting from their products, marketing the products in the local and international mar ...

      shams al Janoub Charitable Society

      A charitable association concerned with implementing economic empowerment programs for women, establishing small and micro projects.

      Muhafazati Volunteering Foundation

      تأسست مؤسسة محافظتي التطوعية في عام 2014 وهي مؤسسة أردنية غيـر ربحيـة مرخصـة فـي دائـرة مراقبـة الشركات وزارة الصناعة والتجارة، حيث تساهم في اعداد الكوادر الوطن ...

      mersal charity Society

      An association founded in 2018 based on empowering women, empowering youth and people with disabilities, caring for children and the elderly, and supporting wid ...

      Naua/ Crown Prince Foundation

      Naua is an online platform that aims to increase and facilitate philanthropy, developing a sense of community responsibility, and connecting charities ...

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