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      Misr ElKheir Foundation

      MISR EL KHEIR FOUNDATION-(MEK) is an Egyptian NGO- since 20/5/2007. We are a developmental NGO & non-profit organization, concerned with Human Development. ...

      Mawtini for development andhumanitarian work

      An organization established in 2017 based on the basic needs of the local community to support vulnerable and needy families

      Al Kawthar Charitable Society

      Charity Society for the Needs of Different Segments The community in need of support and assistance, in particular for persons with disabilities, the elderly.. ...

      Victims Organization for Human Rights

      Victims Human Rights Organization is a Libyan human rights organization concerned with the defense and promotion of human rights 2013

      Organization of Libyan African Integration

      It promotes the principles and objectives of the African Union, and implements its projects.

      Sunflower organization for culture and development

      plant the seeds of development and growth within all segments of Libyan society. Create tangible change in Libyan society.

      Libyan organization for the right of blind

      A local Libyan organization concerned with the rights of the blind

      Dihya organization for development

      Our organization was founded in 2016. We have implemented more than 14 projects on empowering vulnerable groups in society economically, socially and political ...


      use technology to create solutions that makes people life easier

      Ghadames Association for Development and Charitable Works

      جمعية غير ربحية تاسست سنة 2011 تحت رقم اشهار (24 )و تهدف الى مساعدة الفئات المستضعفة و تنمية الشباب و المراة و تهتم بقضايا الحقوق و تعزيز الديمقراطية ...

      Union Charity Organization

      تهتم منظمتنا -بالاستجابة الانسانية السريعة / التعافي واعادة الاستقرار -الحد من الفقر ودعم الفئات الأكثر ضعفا -تمكين النساء والشباب وذوي الإعاقة والمهاجرين ...

      L I S F

      Libyan and my son Gharib human rights association (civil - charitable) is a non-profit association with an independent legal personality. Its main headquarters ...


      منظمة حقوقية هدفها الدفاع عن حقوق الإنسان في شتى بقاع الأرض

      sinmar organization for scientific and charity work

      منظمة سنمار العلمية والخيرية هي احدى منظمات المجتمع المدني العلمية والخيرية والتنمية المستدامة تعمل على تحقيق اهدافها للحد من الفقر وتوفير الحياة الكريمة . ...

      Sheikh Tahir Alzawi Charity organization

      relief organization , help people , house maintenance ,

      Bina Business Incubator

      We aim to empower entrepreneurs and SMEs, launch their business ideas and projects through mentoring, coaching and eventually matching them with investors. ...

      We can't find platforms that match your search

      Check out a collection of featured and recommended options below