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      Provide Post-Cancer Treatment Support to 40 Children

      Provide Post-Cancer Treatment Support to 40 Children

      The campaign will bridge the gap in healthcare coverage for 40 children post-cancer treatment.

      Supporting Vulnerable Communities in Lebanon

      Supporting Vulnerable Communities in Lebanon

      The campaigns aim to implement various projects supporting vulnerable communities in Lebanon.

      $731,858 / $700,000

      Smile in a Box

      Smile in a Box

      The campaign will provide basic needs to 6,321 needy children all over Lebanon.

      $92,700 / $15,000

      Provide Patients with Access to Healthcare

      Ongoing campaign


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      Cultural Center for Qualitive Education

      Nonprofit association aims to build people educationally, skillfully, culturally and economically to be able to make an impact in their society and create futur ...


      Jusoor, which means "bridges" in Arabic, is an international NGO with the mission of “Maximizing the potential of Syrian youth through education”.

      Ghiras ALKhaeer Humanitarian Organization

      We are a non-governmental organization of civil society organizations working in the field of providing care and assistance to the less fortunate communities, t ...

      Makhzoumi Foundation, NGO

      Makhzoumi Foundation aims to help empower the community in Lebanon to achieve self-sufficient independence via improved prospects.

      Michel Daher Foundation

      Our work revolves around supporting the Lebanese society by responding to its needs and providing various services.


      I’m Possible is an NGO established in August 2017 to help build sustainable, prosperous, and inclusive communities in the Akkar region through education support ...

      Lebanese Committee for Environment and Sustainable Development LCESD

      LCESD is an NGO, established on September 28, 2004 (Registration No.:101/AD), concerned with environmental sustainability projects.

      Misr ElKheir Foundation

      MISR EL KHEIR FOUNDATION-(MEK) is an Egyptian NGO- since 20/5/2007. We are a developmental NGO & non-profit organization, concerned with Human Development. ...

      The Awareness and Consolation Association - ACA

      We are working on 8 main sectors: Health - Relief- Shelter - Protection - Education - Wash - Livelihood - Social Support and Sponsorship.

      Rahma Center For Community Services

      Rahma Center is a local NGO founded in 2003 in Saida Lebanon responsible for vocational training and relief projects all over Lebanon.

      Lebanese International training and Development

      Lebanese based NGO, focuse on the voulntering culture to improve society througout capacity building projects and skills development.

      Baissour Sport and Cultural Association

      Our organization was established in 1964 that focuses on youth development, communication, Awareness, peace building, sports and arts

      The Lebanese Social Enterprises Association

      We are a group comprised of social enterprises who are strongly committed to connect social enterprises in one association, organize the sector and Connect LSE ...

      Home Care Services

      We match families with trusted home healthcare providers.

      Anas for social assistance organization

      after years of direct-aid activities in response to societal needs, a group of volunteers were organized to form a professional registered CBO(in 2020) ...

      New Breath

      "New Breath" is a humanitarian-environmental NGO that funds pediatric life-saving surgeries through planting trees projects' proceeds and direct donations. ...

      Dooda Solutions

      Dooda is an innovative Women-Led earthworm farm that raises earthworms to produce premium quality Organic Fertilizer - Vermicompost in the solid and liquid form ...

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