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      International Blue Crescent Humanitarian Relief and Development Foundation

      Established in 2000, IBC works in post-disaster response (including emergency aid, rehabilitation, and reconstruction) and socio-economic development. ...

      The United Iraqi Medical Society for Relief and Development

      The United Iraqi Medical Society for Relief & Development is a civil society organizations in Iraq, and a non -governmental organization for public benefit. ...

      zumurd Foundation for Relief and Sustainable Development

      The Foundation was established as a non-governmental organization within civil society organizations seeking to provide decent living opportunities for people a ...

      Barzani Charity Foundation

      The Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization founded in 2005.

      Janan alrhma humanity organization

      Is a humanitarian organization voluntary work within the civil society organizations working within the geographical area in Iraq

      Afkar Developing Organization

      The organization is a non-governmental civil society organization, independent and not affiliated with any political or religious current.

      Peace Country Organization for Human Rights

      A local non-governmental organization working on implementing activities on peace building and community cohesion and giving training workshops on prevention of ...

      Lutheran World Federation

      LWF has intervened in Iraq since 2014, supporting IDP, H.C and Refugees, sectors: 1. Livelihood 2. Protection 3. Business Recovery 4. Social Cohesion 5. WASH. ...

      Umbrella Foundation for Building Peace, Sustainable Development and Relations

      IQ-Umbrella Foundation Seeks to support the humanitarian file in its comprehensive concept with a strategic thought from the perspective of human interests. ...

      Khairat Al-Zahra Humanitarian Organization

      A non-profit organization concerned with empowering young people of both sexes in the developmental, educational and recreational aspects

      Lebanese International training and Development

      Lebanese based NGO, focuse on the voulntering culture to improve society througout capacity building projects and skills development.

      vitamins team

      A medical relief volunteer team، aims to humanity, help people and make a change in society for the better

      Alhwya for Studies, Researches & Human Training Center.

      Our message is developing people, and increasing culture and awareness in functional and personal various areas of life. Our organization has made many projects ...

      Amaaly Foundation for Development & Relief

      AFDR is a nonprofit CSO that aims to help the vulnerable and poor group in Iraq, and to lead them to have a decent, safe, and healthy life

      Al-Rafidain Center for Health Development

      RCHD is a non-profit organization that works to reform the health care system in Iraq and implement the SDGs that related to this filed

      Taiba Developmental Organization for Development

      A non-profit organization that works on rapid response, health awareness and youth support

      Al-Rafidain Center for Health Development

      AlRafidain Center for Health Development is an NGO that works to improve and reform the health system in Iraq and assist the patients of venerable society. ...

      peer organization for youth development

      Y-Peer for Youth Development is a leading organization in supporting and empowering youth, focusing on raising youth awareness and interest through methods, eve ...

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