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      Fares AlArab for Development and Charity Works

      Fares Al Arab seeks to participate in raise the status of developmental & charitable works in the Gaza Strip through implementation of social charity program ...

      The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature

      Established in 2003, APN is an independent NPO concerned with the protection of the environment and natural resources against all hazards.

      Al Nour Charity for The Development And Enabling The Dlsplacer And Refuge Woman

      It is an organization that provides assistance to displaced and displaced women by building their capacities, educating them on their rights, and enabling them ...

      The Center for Mind- Body Medicine (CMBM)

      Self Care, Healing the wounds of war, healing trauma, and working with all ages and gender

      Edward Said National Conservatory of Music

      Teaching and promoting music to all Palestinians wherever they are within the framework of strengthening the cultural and national identity.

      Gazze Destek Derneği

      GDD is a nonprofit humanitarian and development organization aiming to address the humanitarian and development needs of vulnerable and refugees worldwide. ...


      MADARAT Center for Community Development is a Palestinian non-governmental, non-profit organization/ company that aim to promote development in social, economic ...


      We are an IT company

      Ibtikar for Empowerment and Social Entrepreneurship

      Ibtikar is a Palestinian NGO that was established in 2019 in Bethlehem-Palestine focusing on quality education for social innovation.

      Palestinian Youth Association for leadership and Rights Activation- PYALARA

      PYALARA is a youth -oriented organization that caters for young Palestinians rights on the national Palestinian level.

      ASHTAR Theatre

      ASHTAR Theatre, a Palestinian NGO established in 1991 in Jerusalem, has a base in Ramallah and in Gaza. Focuses on Training and Producing with and for youth. ...

      Youth Vision Society

      To realize a just community founded upon equal rights, equal security, and equal opportunity for all.

      Information technology and innovation institution in Jerusalem “ITIQ”

      Information technology and innovation institution in Jerusalem “ITIQ” is a leader and nonprofit Palestinian institution of developmental, social, cultural and ...

      Hakini for Psychological Services and Consultations (Hakini)

      An online platform that covers a full life-cycle of your therapy journey, starting from your self awareness and ending with getting a professional consultation. ...

      Shoruq Organization

      Shoruq is a Palestinian NGO that seeks to safeguard the inalienable rights of Palestinian refugees using advocacy, media and education.

      Jabalia Rehabilitation Society

      Jabalia Rehabilitation Society (JRS) is a non-governmental organization established in June 1991 by a group of community leaders in response to increase number. ...


      Juzoor is a Palestinian non-governmental organization working at the national level, dedicated to improving the health and well being of Palestinian families ...

      Palestine Wildlife Society

      The Palestine Wildlife society (PWLS) is a Palestinian NGO established in 1999 for wildlife protection and nature conservation in Palestine.

      Family Development Association

      It works in the humanitarian and developmental field to serve the family by providing health, relief, cultural, psychological and economic services.

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