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Musaala Organization for Human Rights

Musaala Organization for Human Rights is a Yemeni NGO based in Marib Governorate, working to defend and protecting human rights in Yemen

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40 Street Infront City Center, Marib Governorate, Yemen

Sadam Al-Adwar


Musaala for Human Rights works in the field of defending and protecting human rights through four different fields, as follows:

  • Monitoring and Documentation: Through a qualified team working in the field to monitor and document all human rights violations through interviews with victims, hearing eyewitness testimonies, and gathering evidence in terms of using this information in statements or reports.
  • Lobbying and Advocacy: Through participation in advocacy campaigns on human rights violations and their victims, put pressure on all responsible parties for these violations, with an aim to support and stand with the victims and to hold those responsible accountable using modern tools and techniques of lobbying and advocacy.
  • Training & Capacity Building: Through different training and capacity building programs for society in general and human rights workers in particular on various human rights issues in order to enable them to work in a professional and effective human rights environment in our local communities.
  • Raising Awareness and Education: Raising awareness of human rights issues through various awareness tools and modern educational tools.