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Creating opportunities for continuing education, improving livelihoods, linking youth to the labor market, adopting the empowerment of all segments of society.


Organisation type

Nonprofit organisation

Country of Registration

Annual Budget

100 000 - 1 000 000 USD



SDG / Categories

No PovertyQuality EducationGender EqualityDecent work & Economic GrowthPartnerships for the Goals

Field of Activities

Youth empowerment
Women Empowerment
Poverty Alleviation

Organisation Laguage




Doaa Omar



Hadhramout Foundation - Human Development established in 2006 to be an incubator environment for educational ideas and support for sustainable development, as it proceeds in its objectives from the concept that human resources are one of the most important inputs to the economic development of society, by supporting the educational and training process through improving the educational environment, capacity development programs and skills refinement. Creating appropriate opportunities for continuing education, improving livelihoods, linking young men and women to the labor market, and adopting the rehabilitation and empowerment of all segments of society, men and women, and people with special needs, and giving them rights that guarantee them a dignified human life that enables them to integrate into society and benefit from their potential and capabilities, whatever they are.

Hadhramout Foundation contains 5 departments and were established on remarkable need in the labor market. The departments are:

1- The General Education Department is considered the first department to be established and one of its most important projects is the establishment of 4 model secondary schools, two for girls and two for boys. In addition, this department also implemented several training programs targeting students, teachers, parents and education offices, and the number of beneficiaries reached: 59,477

2- The Scholarship Department, which has achieved great success stories, as many of the country’s leaders were students of Hadhramaut Foundation. The Foundation owns more than 77 partnerships with universities and international training centers, and the number of beneficiaries of this department has reached more than 5586.


3- The Department of Technical, Vocational Education and Training has implemented many livelihoods programs that have a significant impact on society, such as the Life Work Program, which lasted for more than 10 years, and rehabilitated and economically empowered many families and youth. This department worked on activities and projects to support small business owners as well as integrating people with special needs into society and the labor market, and achieved remarkable stories. It also target enhancing the education environment of local vocational institutes. The beneficiaries of this department reached 3,340.

4- The Alumni Club, which aims to bridge the gap between the outputs of academic education and the labor market. It has implemented many programs that have contributed to achieving this goal, such as show me the market, building youth capabilities, job fair, empowering graduates and others. More than 1848 beneficiaries have benefited from the club's programs

5- Hadhramout Language Institute, which aims to spread the culture of the English language professionally in our society, as it implemented many programs to rehabilitate students, educational cadres and job cadres for many companies and institutions, and the number of beneficiaries of the Institute’s activities reached more than 54,476 beneficiaries

So we are talking about more than 124,727 direct beneficiaries and we are still striving to reach the largest possible number.