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Creativity Club - Karak

An incubator for People of all ages, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The Club aims at empowering any and all forms of creativity

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Jordan | Karak - Il Marj - Creativity Club Street Building No. 2

Hanin Abuhijleh | Program Manager


 What is the Creativity Club:

  • The Creativity Club - Karak is an incubator for the care of talented and creative people by supporting them and raising their skills and abilities, as well as making the opportunity available for everyone, each according to his\her inclinations and passion, to unleash their latent energies that have not been explored yet, within a safe scientific environment .
  • For over (11) years, the Creativity Club has sponsored more than (21) thousand young men and women for free.
  • The Creativity Club includes modern labs and training halls.
  • The club offers its training within the concept of critical and creative thinking in order to provide the trainees with skills, concepts, directions away from memorization and information preservation.
  • The club works to consolidate the concepts of creativity, innovation, and leadership through 3 main sectors: Science and Technology, Arts, Entrepreneurship.
  • To achieve these goals and in order to be more effective and solid, the club's training starts for children from the age of (4) years (early childhood stage) to continue training for all age groups.  
  • The Creativity Club is officially registered as a non-profit cultural association.
  • The Creativity Club has participated in international scientific conferences and competitions and has won prizes.
  • The club works within the international standards of major institutions. The club implements its programs within a tight annual plan based on the tendencies of children and youth , the needs of society, and our evaluation of previous programs based on the training manual and a financial and administrative manual and codes of conduct.   
  • The club's accounts are audited by one of the world's largest auditing firms, (Ernest and Young).

Creativity Club - Karak Experience

  1. Eleven years ago, the Creativity Club - Karak established a laboratory for robotics and electronics under the name "Thinking Room" that includes specialized training bags in the fields of (robotics, electronics, mathematics and chess, science and fun mathematics) to simulate the reality of practical education and benefited from these trainings very large numbers of age categories from 4 to 24 years old.
  2. The club has designed programs specialized in programming electronic boards (Arduino) to be utilized for implementing creative ideas and translating them into projects that serve the local community.
  3. Implementing the critical, creative and innovative thinking skills program for a number of public and private schools in Karak Governorate.
  4. The club organized the first scientific conference of medicine and technology for medicine students in all medicine faculties in Jordanian universities for the year 2017, which aimed at the importance of technology in medicine.
  5. Participation of the robot teams in the club in local, Arab and international competitions.
  6. Implementation of training throughout the year in the field of educational robots, smart electronics, Arduino boards and electronic games industry, programming.
  7. Attracting and motivating the owners of scientific innovations and inventions by providing scientific, technical and material support to implement their ideas in reality, in addition to highlighting the creators by promoting their creativity in the media with the aim of embracing their ideas and connecting them with investors.
  8. Participation in the Intel Science and Engineering Competition in the United States.
  9. Participation in the (WISF) World Innovative Science Fair in Indonesia 2021.
  10. Participation in the (INTOC) International Science Projects Competition for the Engineering and Physics category in Turkey 2021.
  11. Participation in GYSTB in Hong Kong 2020.
  12. Participation in the World Knowledge Summit in Dubai.
  13. Participation in the World Championship for Programming and Artificial Intelligence (Codeovour) 2020.
  14. Participation in the talented conference in Asia and the Pacific in Dubai.
  15. The club worked with a group of Arab experts in the field of creativity and innovation to establish the Arab Council for Creativity and Innovation, in Cairo.