Jan 17, 2024

Tadamon announce 24 grant awardees from Tadamon Accelerator

Tadamon announce 24 grant awardees from Tadamon Accelerator

The Tadamon Accelerator programme awarded a total of $430,000 to civil society organizations driving change in 18 countries

Tadamon, a community platform for civil society empowerment, announced 24 Tadamon Accelerator grant awards to civil society organizations (CSOs) in 18 countries to strengthen emergency and resilient-led responses in three key areas: emergency medical response, education in emergency, and building community resilience.

The Tadamon Accelerator, an emergency response accelerator for social impact innovation, is a cornerstone program, part of Tadamon, financed by the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD) and implemented by UNDP. This initiative is aimed at empowering CSOs in the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member countries to address the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and work towards the eradication of poverty. 

Through its comprehensive 14-week acceleration program, conducted entirely online from September through December 2022, the Tadamon Accelerator provided a learning and capacity development journey to equip 50 selected CSOs with the tools and knowledge required to drive change. The program included five core modules and multiple boosters, ensuring participants had a robust understanding of essential topics in social impact innovation. 

Recognizing that building resilience is crucial for a sustainable COVID-19 recovery and addressing crises overall, the Tadamon Accelerator seeks to invest in and spotlight CSOs to foster innovation, design new services and products, strengthen resilience, and unlock economic opportunities for individuals in OIC member countries and beyond. By promoting an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset, embracing digitalization and new technologies, and mobilizing diverse sources of funding, the accelerator aims to accelerate progress towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

The total amount of the grants awarded is USD 430,000, allocated to 24 CSOs. Their pursuits encompass a wide range of endeavors, such as providing STEM training to teachers in Libya, creating an online platform for teletherapy to make mental healthcare more accessible in the State of Palestine, or promoting the sustainable production of coffee products in Yemen. With unwavering dedication, these CSOs embody the spirit of positive change, striving to create a brighter future for all.

The grant awardees displayed exceptional ingenuity and dedication in their proposals, and during the program demonstrated the potential to make a significant impact in their respective communities and contribute to the collective effort of eradicating poverty in the OIC member countries. Below is the list of CSOs receiving the grants: 

  • Clinic+O - Guinea, received US $40,000
  • Home Care Services (Find a Nurse) - Lebanon, received US $40,000
  • FabLab Libya - Libya, received US $40,000 
  • Kunde LLP - Kazakhstan, received US $30,000 
  • Sudan Urban Development Think Tank - Sudan, received US $30,000  
  • Blue Diamond Leading Solutions - Burkina Faso, received US $20,000 
  • Smart Books (Taderok) - Tunisia, received US $20,000  
  • Association Mauritanienne de Développement de Recherche et Suivi - Mauritania, received US $20,000  
  • Yayasan Insan Negeri Nusantara - Indonesia, received US $20,000 
  • Jordan Youth Innovation Forum - Jordan, received US $20,000 
  • Hakini for Psychological Services and Consultations - State of Palestine, received US $20,000  
  • ONG ADC - Niger, received US $10,000 
  • ALAZAL Water Project Management (SOLVillion) - Jordan, received US $10,000 
  • Enjaz Foundation for Development - Yemen, received US $10,000  
  • Association of Northern Women Entrepreneurs - Nigeria, received US $10,000 
  • Kalkınma için İnovasyon Derneği (Innovation for Development) - Türkiye, received US $10,000 
  • Médecins a Domicile - Benin, received US $10,000 
  • Needy Poor People Foundation - Pakistan, received US $10,000 
  • Jokalante SARL - Senegal, received US $10,000
  • Douda Solutions (Dooda) - Lebanon, received US $10,000 
  • Build Palestine CO - State of Palestine, received US $10,000
  • ATPNE Korba - Tunisia, received US $10,000
  • Al-Quds University - State of Palestine, received US $10,000
  • Moomken Organization for Awareness and Media - Libya, received US $10,000

Through their participation in the Tadamon Accelerator, these organizations have enhanced their organizational skills and expanded their impact on the communities they serve. An impressive 85% of participating organizations broadened their understanding of crowdfunding campaigns as a powerful tool to mobilize funding. Additionally, 81% of the organizations unpacked how behavioral insights can be leveraged in their product/service design and outreach efforts, enabling them to better serve their beneficiaries. The programme report highlights the achievements of the inaugural cohort of grant winners and participants.

The Tadamon programme allowed us to build essential knowledge and skills to help us take our project to the next level. We are very thankful to have participated in such an impactful programme. A big "Thank you" to the whole Tadamon team for your time and commitment,” Blue Diamond Leading Solutions, Burkina Faso.