Sep 21, 2023

Tadamon announces strategic partnership with LaunchGood, the largest crowdfunding platform for the Muslim world

 Tadamon announces strategic partnership with LaunchGood, the largest crowdfunding platform for the Muslim world

Tadamon, a platform dedicated to empowering civil society, is excited to announce a partnership with LaunchGood, the largest crowdfunding platform for the Muslim world. The collaboration will aim at enhancing the crowdfunding ecosystem in Muslim countries. The Tadamon platform, funded by ISDB, ISFD, and implemented by UNDP, is in its fourth year of implementation, providing a variety of initiatives and training programs to strengthen the civil society communities part of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). 

One of its capacity-building programs – the Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy – is an interactive training designed to enhance civil society organizations' skills and organizational capacity (CSOs) in preparing and executing successful crowdfunding campaigns to mobilize funds for their projects. Selected CSOs participating in the Academy receive a combination of hybrid online and offline training, access to comprehensive learning materials and assignments, and 1-1 mentorship from world-class experts in crowdfunding and communications. 

So far, the Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy has been implemented and is ongoing in 31 countries*. Currently, over 3700 CSOs have been mapped, with 2000 verified through support from governments and UNDP country offices. Currently, a total of 500 Civil Society Organizations have received training or are in the process of being trained. The cumulative project value currently in the pipeline from these CSOs amounts to $13 million. Out of these initiatives, a total project value of $2.2 million has been effectively raised through 25 developed crowdfunding campaigns initiated by CSOs to underpin their impactful projects. The range of initiatives encompassed by these campaigns is diverse and purposeful. It spans from provisioning assistive devices to nearly 10,000 individuals impacted by the tragic Beirut explosion, to establishing an educational support center for the annual education of 200 orphaned students in Morocco and securing medical treatment of over 1,700 children, afflicted by a rare disease in Kazakhstan. The support for the community extends beyond these featured campaigns and can be further explored through Tadamon's Crowdfunding Champions series.

To support the remaining CSOs with projects valued at $13 million in the pipeline, and to provide capacity-building support for campaign development, the Academy collaborates with established local, regional, and global crowdfunding platforms. In this regard, Tadamon’s partnership with LaunchGood, which has successfully raised funds totaling $468.5 million, serves as a gateway to engage the CSOs with Muslim donors and philanthropists. With the primary goal of cultivating more Crowdfunding Champions, this partnership with LaunchGood aims to assist CSOs in launching their campaigns on the platform. This initiative will magnify their visibility and bolster their prospects of securing funding, ultimately facilitating the implementation of their projects and fostering resilience within their communities.

Tadamon will highlight the partnership during the 78th session of the UN General Assembly, during which Tadamon will host a special event on Empowering Civil Society: How to Unleash Innovation and SDG Finance through the Power of Community. Join the event online by registering and hearing more from LaunchGood about our partnership to empower, inspire, and connect CSOs to create a brighter future for communities worldwide.

*LaunchGood is a leading global crowdfunding platform dedicated to empowering communities to fund projects and campaigns that make a positive impact. Founded in 2013, LaunchGood has evolved into a dynamic and inclusive platform that enables individuals, groups, and organizations to raise funds for initiatives that matter most to them. LaunchGood has a community of 1.4M donors across 153 countries, who have raised nearly $480M. For more information visit www.LaunchGood.com.

*Algeria, Azerbaijan, Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Comoros, Djibouti, Guinea, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Libya, Maldives, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Somalia, State of Palestine, Sudan, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Yemen.