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      Ghiras ALKhaeer Humanitarian Organization

      We are a non-governmental organization of civil society organizations working in the field of providing care and assistance to the less fortunate communities, t ...


      Sinerji Is A Youth Organization That Aims To Provide Young People With A Comprehensive Set Of Knowledge,Skills,And Tools That Enable Them To Think In Innovative ...

      Reyhan Development and Cooperation Association

      Reyhander, who is actively involved in the field of migration as an independent, impartial and non-profit organization, aims to support asylum seekers. ...

      Worldwide Lawyers Association

      WOLAS was established in 2016 by lawyers and academics working in Turkiye, with the aim of conducting activities in the international arena.

      Green Transformation in Industry, Climate Change Adaptation and Bioeconomics Research Association

      In June 2021, we established our organization. Our association works on the green transformation of the industry, adaptation and adaptation skills to change. ...

      Sadakatasi Association

      As Sadakatasi Association we have been carrying out our efforts to reach a world order by way of goodness in which we can create a goodness feeling ...

      Bursa Innovative Volunteering and Sports Association

      Bursa Innovative Volunteering and Sports Association was founded in 2019 by 20 university students to create a legal entity in Bursa.

      Orphan Foundation

      We aim to create an environment that will contribute to the development of children and protect the integrity of their mental and physical health.

      Divan Research and Education Association

      Founded in 2005 in Istanbul, it has carried out many national and international activities in line with its founding objectives since its establishment. ...


      UMHD, 2013 yilinda kurulmus olup insan hakları bağlamında mültecilere yönelik koruma çalısmaları yapan bir sivil toplum kuruluşudur.

      Federation of International Student Associations

      UDEF was established with the aim of hosting and helping the international students in Türkiye. UDEF recently has 62 member associations all accros in Türkiye. ...


      A non-governmental organization concerned with relief and development projects through empowering local communities within the framework of poverty eradication ...

      Association of Constructing and Sustaining the Prophet Enes Bin Malik Mosque in Baglica Neighborhood

      The association was established with the aim of providing all kinds of assistance in order to make the mosque and mosque facilities to be built on 48.151 blocks ...

      Genc Hayat Vakfi , Young Lives Foundation

      Genç Hayat Foundation is a non-governmental organization with a target group of young people between the ages of 11 and 18.

      Genc Hayat Vakfi

      Genç Hayat Foundation is a non-governmental organization with a target group of young people between the ages of 11 and 18.

      Kamu Yonetimleri Akademi Dernegi

      We are doing seminars for municipality mayors

      International Academy for Education and Development

      An endowment foundation, specialized in launching quality programs in the education and development sector for individuals, institutions and societies. ...

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