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      With Wheelchair Without Barriers

      With Wheelchair Without Barriers

      The campaign will remove architectural and social barriers for the full integration of people with limited mobility into society.

      Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities

      Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities

      The campaign will advocate for the broader adoption of universal design principles.

      Strengthen Skills of 40 Women in Rural Areas

      Strengthen Skills of 40 Women in Rural Areas

      The campaign will strengthen the skills of 40 women, including those with disabilities in rural areas, contributing to the economic development of communities. ...


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      Support for Information and Social Initiatives Public Union

      Support for Information and Social Initiatives Public Union

      Karlara Dəstək

      We are a public union that operates to support people with hearing impairments. We organize trainings and create information sources.


      Our company mission is to connect people with and without disabilities through DanceAbility method workshops, performances and teacher training programs. ...

      United Aid For Azerbaijan

      UAFA was founded in 1998 with a mission to ‘aid long-term development of life in Azerbaijan, with particular focus on children, health and education‘. ...

      Shamkir Womens Resource Center Public Union

      Shamkir Women's Resource Center was established in 2015 on the recommendation of the State Committee on Family, Women and Children.

      UNIVERSAL DESIGN Disability Adaptation Equipments LLC

      Creation of equal opportunities for persons with disabilities, provision of barrier-free environment.

      Cigir Public Union for the Support of the Development of Moral Values

      Our organization implements social and social entrepreneurship projects with the aim of providing moral and financial support to orphans, widows, young people. ...

      Centre of Regional Gender Public Union

      The Regional Gender Center Public Union was officially registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan on October 30, 2008.

      Tamas RDPU

      The organization supports rural development, women's rights, and active involvement in decision making.

      Vatandaslarin Inkisafi ucun Tarafdasliq Alyansi ictimai birliyi

      VITA public union supports the socio-economic development, civic and youth engagement, work especially in disadvantaged communities and regions in Azerbaijan. ...

      Ganja Euro - Atlantic Information Center

      Ganja Euro-Atlantic Information Center NGO aims at strengthening public support for Azerbaijan’s Euro-Atlantic integration processes.

      For Social Welfare of Citizens Public Union

      Organization deals with the social issues of refugees, IDPs, disabled and low-income people

      Əlilliyi olan şəxslərə sosial dəstək ictimai birliyi

      Providing assistance to the disabled people to integrate to the society

      The National Assembly of Youth Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan

      NAYORA is a united youth platform, the leading youth organization cooperating with international organizations, organizing international integration of youth. ...

      Gender Hub Azerbaijan

      A community-based platform bringing together young people, nonprofits, feminists, human rights defenders, and the government to combat gender-based violence. ...

      Educational Future Education Development Public Union

      The main goal of "Educational Future" Education Development Public Union is to help the development of education.

      Azerbaijan Microfinance Association

      AMFA, established as a professional association of microfinance institutions in 2001, today represents a microfinance community grown to 30 members.

      Uluchay Social Economic Innovation Center

      Uluchay is a regional non-profit organization with a mission to support the socio-economic development of Azerbaijani regions.

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