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      childrens Aid association

      Children’s Aid Association (CAA) is a non-government and non-profit civil society organization established in July 2019 in Somalia.

      Kumis development solution organization

      Non–political, non-governmental and non￾profit making humanitarian organization founded in Somaliland in 2016to respond the extreme gaps in the social services ...

      Horn Development Initiative

      Horn Development Initiative is a professionally managed committed NGO active in community capacity building and issue-based programmatic interventions. ...

      Jiheeye Charity Organization

      Jiheeye Charity Organization (JCO) is a national humanitarian organization founded in Hargeisa on 2018 to improve the livelihood & well-being of the community ...

      Asal Youth Development Association

      a non-governmental, non-profit, humanitarian, and development organization with its headquarters located in Hargeisa Somaliland (Waqooyi Galbeed Somalia) ...

      THub innovation center

      T-HUB is transforming somali youth with technology and innovation

      Secure Environment and Education Development Organization

      "SEEDO: Fostering secure learning environments and equitable access to quality education, empowering individuals and communities for lifelong success." ...


      Yool is a local youth development organization founded by a group of local civil society and development activists,in February 2010

      Somali Minority Women and Child Development Organization

      The organization implements multi-sectoral projects in Somalia including but not limited to Advocacy, Education and Training, Vocational skills impartment, etc ...

      Youth Peer Education Network, Somalia

      A youth founded NGO registered with the Planning Ministry (MOPIC), Youth Peer Education Network runs programs in health, FSL, WASH, protection and IGAs ...


      HADMO is a national NGO that is registered in Somalia and Somaliland with the aim of humanitarian assistance. It has operational offices in the Somalia/land. ...

      Somali Danish Women in Action

      SDWA is a women led Diaspora organization dually registered in Denmark and Somalia with overall goal to create socially, economically & healthy women and Girls. ...

      Focus Aid and Development Organization

      Focus Aid and Development Organization (FAIDO). is a civil society organization that aims to support and empowerment of vulnerable communities in Somalia. ...

      Kulmis Development solution

      KUDSO is a local non- profit NGO supporting communities to have a peaceful, environmental friendly and productive society.

      social life and agricultural development organization

      Established on 14th November 1994, Social-life & Agricultural Development Organization (SADO) is a non-partisan, non-governmental, not for profit organization. ...

      Somalia Relief and Development Organization

      Somali Relief and Development organization (SORDO) was founded in October 2004 as a non – profit making organization dedicated to serving Somali people. ...

      Hawa Feminist Coalition

      Hawa Feminist Coalition is a non-governmental and non-profit feminist organization founded by young feminists in 2018 in Somalia.

      Somali Peace line

      SPL was founded in 1995 in response to humanitarian crises, social and political conflicts, and to restore hope in Somalia's governmental process

      Development and Relief Solutions

      Development Relief Solutions (DRESO) is an independent non-profit humanitarian organization established in 2014 to respond to the community needs

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