Aug 22, 2023

Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy selected 5 organizations from Mauritania

Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy selected 5 organizations from Mauritania

The Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy's training program in Mauritania was launched today with the participation of the 5 selected civil society organizations (CSOs). Complete list of selected CSOs check here:

  1. Association pour l’implication des femmes dans la promotion du développement et l'éducation citoyenne par la gestion du foyer d'hébergement d'urgence et de reinsertion sociale
  2. ONG Association de l'arbre
  3. Association Mauritanienne pour la santé de la mère et de l'enfant "AMSME"
  5. Organisation de paix pour la santé et les droits de la mère et de l’enfance

Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy is funded by the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD), managed by the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Through the program, the selected civil society organizations will participate in a physical training program that enables the organizations to raise funds using crowdfunding, an innovative and alternative tool for fundraising. The 5 civil society organizations were selected from 22 applicants following a comprehensive evaluation and screening of their ideas and the potential to bring about positive change in their communities.

The ideas developed by CSOs strive to bring projects and endeavors that address the requirements and obstacles faced by the community in Mauritania. These initiatives concentrate on areas such as environmental concerns, as well as the empowerment of women and youth. Furthermore, they also prioritize the enhancement of women's and children's health.

The selected CSOs will develop their crowdfunding campaign through e-learning tools and offline training using learning materials, presentations, work assignments, and guidance from leading crowdfunding experts.

Upon successfully completing the CFA training program, all participants will be able to launch their own crowdfunding campaigns on local or international crowdfunding platforms.

"NGOs are crucial as they provide the needed services and support to individuals and communities. This opportunity will strengthen our NGOs and equip them with the necessary elements to conduct their own financial campaigns with a strong innovation aspect which is really needed nowadays with the financial difficulties the world is witnessing."  - said a UNDP Mauritania representative 

Looking forward to seeing these organizations develop their crowdfunding campaigns.