Sep 12, 2022

Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy selected 25 CSOs from Iraq

Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy selected 25 CSOs from Iraq

We're happy to announce the selected organizations for the Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy in Comoros! Looking forward to working with these CSOs and supporting their crowdfunding skills and journey.

Selected organizations are:

1.Independent culture association

2. Shakoufyan organization for development and culture

3. Mahaba Wes-Salam

4. Al-Ghad League for Woman & Child Care 

5. Talented child for sustainable development 

6.Shabak Women Association

7.Ahbab Almustafa

8.Empowerment Organization for development and public services

9.ajial Association for Intelligence and Creativity Development. 

10.Abhaar Foundation for Education and Sustainable Development

11.Bothoor ALkhaer organization for Relief and Development

12. Civil Development Organization (CDO)

13. Economic Development Foundation to develop the capabilities of businessmen

14. Rewaq Baghdad Center For Public Policy

15. Woman for Supporting Woman Association


17. Mosul Space

18. Aid Gate organization for economic development 

19. Ashor Iraqi Foundation for Relief and Development

20. Thinkers Organization for Talented Care

21. The Summit Foundation For Refugee And Displaced Affairs

22. Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation 

23. Lawyers for Women Center

24. Al-Aghsan Foundation for Agriculture and Environment Development 

25. Short statured in Iraq/ جمعية قصير العراقية 

The Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy is an interactive training program that empowers and builds the capacities of organizations to gain the necessary knowledge and skills on how to prepare and run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

The program’s mission is to empower CSOs and NGOs with know-how on how to finance their projects and ideas in alternative ways, build and grow their community, give their projects more visibility, and engage more partners and donors.

Upon the successful training program, all participants will be able to launch their own crowdfunding campaigns on local and international crowdfunding platforms.

The Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy is part of the "IsDB - ISFD NGO Empowerment for Poverty Reduction Program”, which is sponsored by the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD), managed by the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as well as other strategic partners. 

Looking forward to seeing these organizations develop their crowdfunding campaigns.