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      Dream Development Organization

      A non-profit voluntary organization that contributes to filling food shortages in Sudan

      Geoman for Geological and Geotechnical services

      geological studies for groundwater and drilling

      Rowaya for learning and communties development

      Rowya for Learning and Community Development is an organization registered in accordance with the voluntary labor law for the year 2006. It works in the field ...

      Suda Care Charitable Organization

      It is a national non-governmental organization working in the field of development and humanitarian aid.

      Women Huddle for Democratic and Advocacy

      it as women's organization working at supporting peace building process

      united supporting development orgnisation

      national non profitable organization, its mandate is WASH and FSL. our aim is to bring radical transformation into the life of the most vulnerable groups. ...

      Community Development Program

      Community Development program (CDP) is a voluntary, non-profit and non-governmental organization established in January 2019 to promote social cohesion. ...

      Journalists for the environment and sustainable development

      منظمة مجتمع مدني غير ربحية مسجلة بالسودان وتعني بنشر المعارف البيئية والتشبيك بين الجهات ذات الصلة ووسائل الإعلام والتوعية البيئية وبناء المشاريع التنموية ...

      Darfur Neaxt Generation

      We are a youth organization aimed to build leaders and create young entrepreneurs in The Darfur Regional

      Volunteers for Development Organization (VDO)

      Volunteers for Development Organization (VDO) is a national non-profit organization based in El fasher, north Darfur

      Sadagaat Charity Organization

      Started as an initiative in 2009, Sadagaat is a HAC registered NGO since 2012 working in WASH, Education, Health, and Feeding

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      Check out a collection of featured and recommended options below