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Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy

Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy

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What is the Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy?

Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy is an interactive training program that empowers and builds the capacities of civil society organizations to gain the necessary knowledge and skills on how to prepare and run a successful crowdfunding campaign. The first part of the Academy is an e-learning process, and another part is Face-2-Face direct work with mentors, and providing feedback to make the campaign ready to be launched. 

Why should I apply?

The program is intended for civil society organizations (CSOs) that want to start, expand, or rebuild their existing or future project(s) for new ways of financing, stronger social media visibility, approaching new donors, and storytelling. CSOs will learn about innovative finance models (crowdfunding) and how to use them to get access to a pool of donors. Through interactive modules and tools, and with support from crowdfunding experts and platforms, they will learn how to create elements of crowdfunding campaigns so that in the end, they will be able to launch their crowdfunding campaign. CSOs will have a chance to work with top crowdfunding experts from around the world who will offer guidance and feedback. 

Am I a Civil Society Organisation?

Civil society organization is the network of autonomous associations that citizens voluntarily create to address common problems, advance shared interests, and promote collective aspirations. Usual CSO organization types include (but are not limited to): Nonprofit organization, Religious, Think tank, Platform, Cooperative or farmers' association, Community based organization, Philanthropy, CSO Networks, Saving Clubs, and Credit Unions. Please get in touch with us if you have specific questions on eligibility.

Where can I access Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy materials?

Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy is hosted on Kaya - a global learning platform of the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. Selected organizations will develop their crowdfunding campaign through e-learning tools on the Kaya platform; together with offline training using learning materials and presentations, work assignments, and guidance from leading crowdfunding experts.

Is it free?

Yes. The Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy is cost-free for selected CSO’s, and successful graduates will be eligible for grants and support from IsDB, UNDP, and Tadamon partners for their campaigns. 

Who can submit a proposal? Who can apply? From which countries?

Registered civil society organizations on Tadamon. Please check if your country is eligible for Guided Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy at this moment.

How can I submit my proposal? Where shall I submit my project proposal?

An organization can submit their project proposal via the application form located at their Tadamon profile after signing up to the platform: https://tadamon.community/sign-up . For organizations that have problems in submitting the proposal, let us know by email at team@tadamon.community.

How do I prepare a proposal? Where can I find more information on how to apply to a Call for Proposals?

Gather your team and invest your time in preparing the project proposal! To apply with a project idea for the Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy, your organization needs to create a profile on the Tadamon Platform. In your organization’s profile/account, you will find an application form for the Academy.

What happens if my proposal does not reach the Tadamon CFA before the deadline?

It will be automatically rejected. Only proposals that are submitted within the deadline will be considered for this Call for Proposals. 

Should I have money to invest in the campaign myself?

Not necessarily. You do not need to have the financing to invest in your own campaign. The only thing you need is the time and resources to launch and run the campaign as crowdfunding is based on the principle of raising capital from the community. However, promotion or additional personnel to support the campaign might require additional financial resources - unless there is additional support and volunteers inside your organization.

Can we submit our proposals in Arabic/French/Russian?

Proposals can be submitted in languages chosen by the Tadamon country teams. Please check the application form for available languages.

What types of projects can we propose?

We encourage organizations to submit proposals in one or more of the following categories: 

COVID-19 response/recovery/prevention

Poverty reduction and support for the most vulnerable groups

Women, youth, and people with disability empowerment

Climate change, energy, and environment

STEM education and digital access to learning

Community development, agriculture, and rural development.



Can more than one organization pair up in a joint proposal?

Yes, you can team up with another organization in your proposal. However, the proposal application needs to be done by one individual organization. In your proposal description, you can elaborate and explain the extent of your cooperation. 

Can an organization respond with more than one proposal? Can a single organization submit more than one project proposal?

Organisations are encouraged to apply with one best proposal.

What if I apply from a country for which OPEN CALL is not currently active??

Stay tuned for updates on new countries, and make use of the self-learning paths. See your Organisation Dashboard for more details.

Can I contact Tadamon for further guidance on proposal development?

If you have any questions in general about the Tadamon platform and Crowdfunding Academy, reach out to us at team@tadamon.community 

What is the typical timeline for completion of the entire Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy?

4 weeks of training and campaign development + additional time to work on your final assignment which is a submission of a crowdfunding campaign to an online crowdfunding platform.

What happens next? How will the applicants be informed about the outcomes of the Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy Call for Proposals?

After submitting your proposal, each organization will receive the results of the selection process. If you are selected, you will receive a premium code for the Kaya platform (full free access to training materials). Create one account per organization. One person from the organization can create an account in her/his name for the whole team to use during the entire Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy. 

Does ISFD/IsDB/UNDP provide funding for participants, and how much?

Verified CSOs can check if they qualify for grants and additional support being provided by IsDB and UNDP and partners from the Tadamon platform in separate calls for proposals. Please keep an eye on our social media for funding opportunities in your country.

In which language will the Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy be conducted?

Each country team will choose an appropriate language for the academy communications. Refer to the open call texts for language options.

My question isn't on this list

If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact us via email at team@tadamon.community