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World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists (WCMP)

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Muslim countries and the broader global community

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The World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists is a global network of affluent individuals, grant making foundations, and socially responsible corporations, established to advance effective and accountable giving. WCMP is a unique catalyst for partnership across public, private, and social sectors, offering information and resources to link donors with social action and investment opportunities. As a trusted broker of collaborative relationships, WCMP mobilizes financial and human resources to confront social needs and advance strategic philanthropy.

The World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists is committed to advancing strategic giving by leveraging the most effective use of knowledge, wealth, and influence among Muslim philanthropists. It aims to build a culture of enduring engagement where Muslim donors collaborate with each other, and emerge as a significant, distinctive and vital component of the global philanthropic community.

The Congress was formally launched in March of 2008 in Istanbul, Turkey in the presence of the OIC Secretary General, Heads of States, Royals and the Executives of leading philanthropies. The seed funding for launching this initiative was provided by the Islamic Development Bank-Office of Special Assistance, The Kingdom Foundation and Al Faleh Group. The inaugural convening brought together over 400 delegates from 31 countries. In 2009, WCMP was granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States. In subsequent years, the key functionaries of the WCMP such as Global Donors Forum and Academy of Philanthropy have been domiciled in UK and EU respectively.