Live Love Funds

Platform name

Live Love Funds


USD, LLB but any currency is accepted andconverted to USD.


7% (5% of which goes to payment gateway providers)









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Live Love Funds was launched in April 2021 as a means of raising funds for people affected by the many crises Lebanon is currently going through as well as the Beirut Port explosion. It is a crowdfunding platform that focuses on humanitarian and local development projects. Live Love offers an extra element in the option ofChampioning A Cause.This option allows anyone to create sub-funds for any pre-existing fund. For example, if person X is moved by a certain fund and would like to promote it, they can champion the cause and thus start a sub-fund with a new text, photo and link that they would then share with their networks of friends and family. Our objective is to support organizations and individuals alike by offering them a platform to crowdfund, an innovative way to do it and of course as much visibility as possible