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Kopar Express SAS

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Mobile money : 2,5% ; Card payment : 3,5% + 0,40 cts




- Senegal (since 2020,september) - Ivory Cost (since 2023) - Burkina Faso ( since 2023) - Cameroun (since 2023) - Guinea (since 2023)


6 million USD



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They met in 2015 at the University of Thies in Senegal where they were enrolled in a Computer Engineering degree. They had started the adventure as a trio to make the life of the students easier at the simplest at the university restaurant where they only accept the meal ticket to pay for their meal.

They were able to develop a PoC (Proof of Concept) to transform the student card into a rechargeable means of payment with mobile money and student bank cards. This project was put on hold because the market at that time was full of structural barriers to federate the stakeholders of the stakeholders in the project, namely the university restaurants, the university works, mobile money and students.

After that, they saw an opportunity in the fisheries sector and developed a software for the traceability of exported fish from fishing to from fishing to consumption of fish through storage and processing storage and processing .... A part of this solution had been sold to the Direction des Industries de Transformation de la Pêche of Senegal.

In late 2018, they launched research for a crowdfunding platform crowdfunding platform in Africa without satisfactory results, even though we needed we needed it for the organization of a tontine. This led them to start the development of a platform that interconnects Africa with its Diaspora.