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HasanaH, which means ‘good deed’, is a non-profit platform to harness the power of impact-driven philanthropic capital to address some of the world’s most urgent needs. HasanaH empowers donors from all faiths to make informed choices to support organisations that have proven track records of delivering positive outcomes, and to receive regular updates on the impact of your donations.

For Muslims, HasanaH is a powerful tool to inform and guide your almsgiving (Zakat & Sadaqah) for maximum impact. HasanaH does not make individual judgements over which projects qualify for Zakat. Instead, HasanaH enables donors to make informed decisions based on reliable data, and to direct contributions to credible projects that are aligned with your priorities and values.

More than 5,130 campaigns from across 140 countries are now on-boarded onto the digital platform. The blue-chip beneficiary organisation list on HasanaH includes UNHCR, UNRWA, SOS, IRC, the End Fund, Mercy Corps, Malala Fund and International Medical Corps.

In February 2021, HasanaH was recognised in the Greater Giving Summit ‘Reimagine Digital Giving Challenge’ by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In July 2021, the Platform was highlighted by Stanford Social Innovation Review Arabia as a leading digital giving platform in the Arab world. In October 2021, HasanaH was chosen by the Crown Prince Court in Abu Dhabi to be its global crowdfunding platform for Reaching the Last Mile Fund.

Key capabilities: real-time global needs map, SDG integrated user on-line and off-line giving dashboard and impact tracker, Zakat goal calculator and tracker, multi-language interface, individual fundraiser capability and matching and referral incentives.