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Fon bulucu

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% 10 of the funding request




Approval of the investment committee is required for the projects (requesting funding) to be listed in the platform





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Fon Bulucu is an online platform which was established in 2016 to develop the entrepreneurship and investment ecosystem in Turkey and to spread the capital. The initiative was established based on 'Reward and Donation Based' crowdfunding model, which brought together the owners of ideas, projects and inventions with those who provide financial support to the initiatives and reached 25 thousand registered members in a short time. Fon bulucu has created an innovative financing and investment system that provides 360-degree benefits to entrepreneurs and investors by receiving funding requests exceeding TRY 195 million since its establishment.

Providing service with nine different platforms, the fund finder also manages its subsidiaries ReINVeS Angels Angels Network and ReINVeS Ventures Venture Capital Investment Fund, accredited by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

In October 2019, when Crowdfunding was regulated in our country, it intensified its efforts and registered the first Share-Based Crowdfunding company in Turkey in accordance with the legislation in the trade registry. On 14 August 2020, all the requirements were fulfilled and the platform applied for an operating license from the Capital Markets Board. It was licensed on April 8, 2021. Being the first platform to implement Share-Based Crowdfunding in Turkey, the company added a new dimension to the Turkish investor ecosystem with its business model, where it lowered the investor barrier to 1 TRY.

Fon bulucu platform's medium-term goals are to reach a transaction volume of 1 Billion TRY and 1 million registered members by 2023. Its subsidiary, ReINVeS Ventures Venture Capital Investment Fund, will regularly receive shares from the ventures campaigned for. One of its biggest goals is to serve globally with a platform and to attract investors and foreign capital from all over the world.