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BackaBuddy is a South African crowdfunding platform that is designed to help you create online campaigns to raise funds for causes you are passionate about.

Campaigns can be created for anything that has a positive impact on individuals, communities, and the environment.

These campaigns can raise funds for registered non-profit organisations or for individuals who need donations for a variety of reasons, including medical procedures, sporting opportunities, or for studies. It is also possible to create campaigns in loving memory of a special person to raise funds for his or her favourite cause.

Everyone can quickly and easily create a fundraiser on the BackaBuddy site, then share their campaign link with their friends, family, and colleagues – their crowd - to invite monetary donations.

Creating a campaign is free and there are no charges if you don’t raise funds. There are no time limits imposed on campaigns and no penalties if you don’t reach your target. You can also carry on receiving donations after you’ve met your target.

BackaBuddy takes integrity really seriously, which is why they ‘vet’ individual campaigns and charity registrations before they are activated on the site. This way, their site users and donors can be assured that we take steps to protect them to the best of their ability.