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      HealthCare 2.0

      By combining smart technology with our team of experts, HealthCare 2.0 offers a uniquely seamless experience in Sudan - with virtual and in-person appointments ...

      Aglam Educational Organisation

      is an educational, developmental, voluntary, and charitable organization concerned with education in its various stages.

      Namaa organization for agricultural development

      Namaa organization for agricultural development is a non profit organization works to support agricultural sector and associated community .

      Dream Development Organization

      A non-profit voluntary organization that contributes to filling food shortages in Sudan

      Sudanese Woman Poverty Eradication Organisation

      We are a non governmental organisation, our main goals are reducing the effects of poverty and empowering Sudanese woman

      Sudanese Transitional Justice Organization

      The organization works in the field of transitional justice,, protection of women and children rights, the rule of law and legal aid for victims ,pace building. ...

      Sedda association

      A Women led organization aim to enhance technical capacities of women community based organization to participate in achieving SDGs .

      pioneer of feed

      Support women (marginal groups, people with special needs, young women) Support areas:- capactiy building Empowering women financing Peace and security ...

      Green Dream Organization

      Green Dream is Voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organization. It was established in 2018 and registered officially in Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) ...

      united supporting development orgnisation

      national non profitable organization, its mandate is WASH and FSL. our aim is to bring radical transformation into the life of the most vulnerable groups. ...

      Sudan Urban development Think tank

      Building capacity for individuals and government in think out of box

      Journalists for the environment and sustainable development

      منظمة مجتمع مدني غير ربحية مسجلة بالسودان وتعني بنشر المعارف البيئية والتشبيك بين الجهات ذات الصلة ووسائل الإعلام والتوعية البيئية وبناء المشاريع التنموية ...

      Darfur Neaxt Generation

      We are a youth organization aimed to build leaders and create young entrepreneurs in The Darfur Regional

      Al Nour Charity for The Development And Enabling The Dlsplacer And Refuge Woman

      It is an organization that provides assistance to displaced and displaced women by building their capacities, educating them on their rights, and enabling them ...

      omran for comprehensive development

      A local non-profit organization, working on the development of fragile communities and the provision of necessary care and work to develop them


      نحن مجموعة من الشباب والشابات نقدم رسالة وعي و فكر تكنولوجي صناعي تجاري عن طريق طرح أفكارنا على الجهات المختصة تأسس عام 2014

      Tenchologya Co.

      Tenchologya is a one stop shop that provides all digital services in one place.

      C-Hub Company Limited by Guarantee

      C-Hub provides unprivileged entrepreneurs with knowledge, mentoring, spaces, networking opportunities, and channels to access capital to implement their Ideas. ...

      We can't find platforms that match your search

      Check out a collection of featured and recommended options below