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      National Alliance Against Hunger and Malnutrition NAJMAH

      NAJMAH is a Jordanian, non-governmental-Non-profit organization founded in 2004. NAJMAH is a member of the International Alliance against Hunger.


      iico kwiat 1984

      Environmental Green Horizons Society

      جمعية آفاق خضراء البيئية ، مؤسسة غير ربحية، مسجلة لدى وزارة البيئة الأردنية، تهتم في قضايا البيئة في الأردن، مع الاخذ بعين الاعتبار الابعاد الاجتماعية والاقتصاد ...

      Green land Agricultural association

      The association mainly supports women and the youth workforce through projects aimed at employing them to provide them with financial income to help their famil ...

      Zarqaa Alyamama charity

      Azraq Al Yamamah Charitable Society helps all its members, headed by the President of the Society, Mrs. Widad Al-Maghrabi, which help to create job for women ...

      Rafeeq for social services

      non-profit organization based in Amman, Jordan, founded in early 2020, works to provide psychological support and empowerment for people with disabilities ...

      Khairat Baladi Agricultural Cooperative Society

      A non-profit organization that aims to support the poor

      Al-Taybeh Charitable Society Irbid

      Al-Taybeh Association is a non-profit association whose goal is to serve the local community and works under the shadow of the Ministry of Social Development ...

      shams al Janoub Charitable Society

      A charitable association concerned with implementing economic empowerment programs for women, establishing small and micro projects.

      Shithm charity

      Nonprofit organisation aims to help poor people, people with special needs, woman and children in our community by providing financial aid.

      disi women cooperative

      The Women’s Association for the villages of the Disah Basin was established on January 21, 2010. The number of contributions is 306 women, including the village ...

      Naua/ Crown Prince Foundation

      Naua is an online platform that aims to increase and facilitate philanthropy, developing a sense of community responsibility, and connecting charities ...

      Jordanian Society for Quality Environment

      We teach permaculture design and practical permaculture training, and giving guided tours and demonstrations of our site.This gives people the tools to do it ...

      جمعية سيدات مدين الخيريه - mideen local CBO

      تعتبر جمعية سيدات مدين الخيريه من الجمعيات الريادية في المحافظة ، و تقع في منطقه زيد ابن الحارثه / محافظه الكرك بالقرب من دوار الشهيد الطيار معاذ الكساسبه ...

      Future Foresight Association for Environmental Right and Climate Justice

      who are we : A Jordanian civil institution (non-profit) concerned with environmental and climate issues from the legal and development side, by contributing to ...

      Al Maydan for community development

      Development in vulnerable areas where people are less fortunate, youth and women empowerment such as vocational training.

      Himmetna Charitable Organization

      To establish the right of all patients to receive proper and equal treatment in a safe environment and under conditions that preserve their dignity and Humanity ...

      We can't find platforms that match your search

      Check out a collection of featured and recommended options below