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      Lutheran World Federation

      LWF has intervened in Iraq since 2014, supporting IDP, H.C and Refugees, sectors: 1. Livelihood 2. Protection 3. Business Recovery 4. Social Cohesion 5. WASH. ...

      Umbrella Foundation for Building Peace, Sustainable Development and Relations

      IQ-Umbrella Foundation Seeks to support the humanitarian file in its comprehensive concept with a strategic thought from the perspective of human interests. ...

      Lebanese International training and Development

      Lebanese based NGO, focuse on the voulntering culture to improve society througout capacity building projects and skills development.

      Estijaba Development Organization

      Estijaba for Development Organization is one of the independent, nongovernmental, non-profit organizations that was established in 2014 to help the displaced... ...

      Medea Organization for Relif and Development

      Medea Aims to be a prominent NGO with regards to empowering women and youth through education and mental support

      Yuva for child rights

      Yuva is one of NGOs working in Iraq/Ninawa/Sinjar,its specialized for child right and support education and people displaced by wars, we worked also at camps. ...

      Flornsa office for engineering services

      Engineering office for construction and energy development

      East and West Youth Organization for Sustainable Development

      An organization concerned with developing the skills of volunteer youth and youth in the community and working to build capacities and skills, including the sus ...

      Soutnern region businesswomen association

      Southern Region Businesswomen Association biography The Southern Businesswomen’s Association, one of the civil society organizations registered in the Civil S ...

      civilized dialogue development org

      Our organization seeks to strengthen the concepts of democracy, consolidate the principles of human and environmental rights, and support the means for peace. ...

      Young Messengers Organization for Relief and Development

      Established in 2014, YMO is an Iraqi non‐governmental, nonprofit, organization, aiming to promote resilience and socioeconomic status of vulnerable communities. ...

      Sabe' Sanabul Organization for Relief and Development

      Sabae Sanabul Org. For relief and development (SSORD) is an Iraqi nongovernmental organization founded in 8-April- 2015 in Baghdad.

      Rewaq Baghdad Center For Public Policy

      A thinking center that presents visions, ideas, studies and research to elites, specialists and decision makers.

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