Where good organizations become better.

TADAMON platform was born out of a need to better understand the needs of CSOs. TADAMON was created to provide more visibility to CSOs` projects and activities, support them to have better access to alternative finance and connect them to other potential partners and supporters.

Throughout our professional and personal careers we have witnessed how crowdfunding, alternative finance, building CSOs capacities and building communities across boundaries has breathed new life into old ideas and brought visibility and innovation. For us, every individual, be their contribution big or small has the power to make our world a better place, when brought together. And this is the fundamental idea behind TADAMON

Our team consists of dedicated experts from across the world with a shared vision of empowering NGOs, using crowdfunding for development, building CSOs capacities and supporting local communities to bring change. Members of our community include professionals in development, alternative finance, capacity building and communications, just to name a few. All are here to provide tailored services for our community members. 

We are passionate about taking dedicated CSOs to the next level with the help of our international expertise network. TADAMON is for organizations that work on issues from education to agricultural development. We are committed to making the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals a success story!

We’re interested with organizations working in one of the following areas to join our community and get our offered empowerment:

  • Fighting Poverty,
  • Refugees and internal displaced populations,
  • Response to Pandemics and other similar crises such as COVID-19,
  • Economic Empowerment and job creation
  • Disaster and Risk Management
  • Women and Youth empowerment,
  • Climate change,
  • Energy and environment,
  • Peacebuilding,
  • STEM education,
  • Getting kids back to school (Out Of School Children, orphans)
  • Community development and resilience,
  • Agriculture and rural development
  • Health and well-being,
  • Water and Sanitation,
  • Islamic Finance.