Educate a Girl, Educate a Nation

Unfortunately, in many iraq families, girls traditionally have relatively less or limited access to educational opportunities as boys receive education preference. We are helping to level the playing field by providing scholarships to girls at risk of dropping out of school.Teaching computer distributing stationery and school uniform The girls receive guidance to help them stay on track with their educational goals. They also receive reproductive health education. This helps ensure that they don't drop out of school due to early motherhood.

Educate a Girl, Educate a Nation


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Because of poverty, many iraq girls do not go to or finish primary school. For youths 15-24 years old in Muqdadiya, the literacy rate for males is 70.5%, and that of females is 52.1% (UNICEF statistics). Early marriage also hinders girls from pursuing an education and gaining self-sufficiency/independence. A preference for boys' education remains dominant in many circles - with boys getting priority access to limited opportunities. This places girls at a huge, crippling disadvantage.


This project helps girls stay in school and complete their education. Your financial support help make dreams come true. Together we are empowering girls. This support is closing the gender gap so that more girls can stay in school and graduate. Targeted training ensures that the girls have the life skills and mindset needed for success and continual progress. Computer training, vocational, and business opportunities ensure progress towards self-sufficiency.

Long-Term Impact

This project helps girls break out of the vicious cycle of poverty that entraps unskilled and resource-poor girls. At-risk girls are maturing into well-educated, emancipated, gainfully employed, and self-sufficient women. These empowered women are the pillars of their families, communities, and the nation. When the home's mother is educated, the health, well-being, and success of the entire family are propelled forward and transformed. Educated girls educate the entire nation.

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