Support the Civil Defense - Rising From Ashes

140 massive fires destroyed thousands of square meters of forests. We want to support the Civil Defense by equipping them properly.

Support the Civil Defense - Rising From Ashes


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The heroic actions of the Civil Defense volunteers saved many lives and preserved what is left from our forests. Recently 140 fires ravaged thousands of hectares of trees. Equipped only with an iron will, those heroes managed to save the day.

UNDP Live Lebanon with its partners Bank Audi, LBCI, NRSC and Champs Fund provided Moto Ambulances for the Civil Defense which led to improvement in their response to medical emergencies. Currently 16 Moto Ambulances are operational and a total of 56 will be delivered by October 2020.

With the support of LBCI, Live Love Lebanon and Zoomaal, we are launching this crowdfunding campaign to procure advanced firefighting backpacks for the Civil Defense in order to swiftly extinguish fires before they spread.


The firefighters will use the motorbikes to reach their destination.

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