Support children with autism in Palestine

More than 3000 autistic children in Palestine need daily treatment. You contribute to 1000 health treatment sessions for children with Autism in Raseel

Support children with autism in Palestine


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Autistic children in Palestine are the only marginalized group in their rights to health care, there is no insurance that contributes to the costs of treatment, and no parties bear the responsibility to enable children with autism in their right to education, rehabilitation or integration.

We at Raseel stands with them, and mobilize energies to provide them with treatment.

Raseel Association was founded in 2017 to help provide the much needed support and therapy for children on the autism spectrum in Palestine, as well as their families. In 2021 alone, we were able to provide over 1,400 sessions to 35 children with autism, and children with learning difficulties. 

Due to the dire economic situation of many families, we've decided to launch this crowdfunding campaign to help support the cost of therapy for children with autism and learning difficulties. We offer affordable therapy sessions, at only $10 per session. 

Our goal is to provide 1,000 therapy sessions to 50 children this year - and to provide 25 therapy sessions per child every month. Raseel organization will cover part of the cost, and we hope this campaign will help us cover the rest. 


How you can make a difference?

Contribute to the monthly therapy for children in Palestine. We kindly ask you to donate to the campaign, and share with your network.



About us

The Raseel Charitable Association is a Palestinian organization Registered in the Palestinian Interior Ministry founded in 2017, to provide treatment and rehabilitation for children with behavioral disorders in general , Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Learning in particular, in the West Bank. The idea of establishing this Association stemmed from some voluntary efforts made by professionals who were familiar with the situation of treatment and rehabilitation, which finds a high costs of rehabilitation besides the lack of resources in west bank

The Association is composed of four treatment and rehabilitation units:

  • evaluation and assessment unit.
  • Autism rehabilitation unit.
  • Learning disabilities unit and awareness
  • Guidance unit.

The Association will provides treatment and rehabilitation programs for children with ASD and learning difficulties at different levels through the utilization of the most advanced treatment methods used globally such as the sensory rooms and the e-communication devices in addition to enhancement and empowerment tools for children with autism.

This campaign is part of the Crowdfunding Academy Project, It was developed by Tadamon, IsDB and ISFD, UNDP and BuildPalestine.

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