Help Nagekeo Residents Get Clean Water Sources

Help Nagekeo Residents Get Clean Water Sources


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East Nusa Tenggara is known for its natural beauty which is very potential for tourism activities. However, did you know that behind its beautiful panorama, there are difficulties faced by its citizens? 

Residents of the District. Nagekeo, East Nusa Tenggara, one of them. Several settlements in the region are still having trouble getting clean water sources. Even though water is the main need for humans for daily life. 

The location of the water source is quite far from residential areas, so they have to walk far just to get water. The road that must be taken is quite steep because the existing water sources are located under steep valleys. The risk of accidents is at stake because of the road conditions. In fact, the obligation to take water is carried out by women and children. In addition, it is not uncommon for the flow from the water source to be minimal and dirty.

The problem of stunting also haunts local people if there is a lack of clean water and poor sanitation. Based on data from the Nagekeo District Health Office in 2020, the number of children under five who experience stunting in the four villages ranges from 5 - 26%! 

Imagine that you have to live with the conditions of a far and limited source of water! Can you?

Komodo Water has currently conducted a survey to 4 locations in the District. Nagekeo namely Kawa, Ngegedhawe, Wodomia, and Tutubadha Villages. The four villages have different characteristics of water sources. However, their needs remain the same, namely access to clean water that is healthy and easy.

Therefore, as a social company that has experience in making access to clean water in coastal and remote areas, we will install clean water source infrastructure in Kawa, Ngegedhawe, Wodomia, and Tutubadha Villages. 

Previously, we had successfully built a source of clean water for the residents of Papagarang Island, which is also located in NTT. Now, it's time for 5773 people from 4 villages in the district. Nagekeo who can enjoy the easy access to this clean water! 

Help us get clean water!


Let's get involved in distributing clean water so that Nagekeo residents live a better life. Friends can donate by:

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Also, help share this page so that more prayers and help are collected.

Follow our Instagram @komodowater to see live updates from our activities. And if you have any questions, please contact: Laura (+6287886471436).

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