Help Build Five Schools in Eastern Indonesia

Help Build Five Schools in Eastern Indonesia


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Rian never felt the sitting in school because the main school or elementary school was quite far from where he lived, so Rian decided not to go to school.

Meet Rian Haka, 12 years old, lives in Juriya Village, North Juriya Hamlet, Bilato District, Gorontalo Regency. Unlike the other siblings who go to school even though the place is a bit far for them to go to school.

Rian said it was also difficult when there was no school in our village at that time because I really wanted to experience how to learn, how to broaden my horizons and how to get to know people.

Currently, Rian is active in the Village School program and can join his friends even though it is only once a week.

Indonesia has abundant natural resources. The wealth of natural resources and soil fertility is something that we should be grateful for and that we use optimally for meeting needs and for the progress and welfare of the nation.

To be able to manage these abundant natural resources, of course, requires creativity and innovation.

The low quality of education, limited access to knowledge (books, information technology), limited access to transportation, and the community's efforts to adapt to the current pandemic are certainly common problems.

Another problem is the matter of brain drain, that is, rural people who have education live in cities. Managing natural resources, especially in villages, has its own challenges.

The Village School Initiation is a medium to empower and increase community capacity.

The Village School will be a space for free and creative community expression to think, design, create, and innovate, accompanied by Terasmitra, the community, and community companion institutions.

It is hoped that with the presence of the Kampung School this community can also become more creative, innovative, and develop.

Simply put, through the Village School, the community is assisted together to learn to create an informal school for the community itself.

In the end, after Terasmitra and the accompanying institutions were completed, the community continued this initiative.

Village School, From the Village, By the Village, For the Village!

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