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Our mission is to create an environment that empowers children to explore the world around them, learn from it, and apply what they are learning to solve the arising challenges of the new world.

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Connecting Education to The Real World! 

We are creating a mobile application that uses machine learning to identify the objects that surround children in real life. Using augmented reality, we transform those objects into learning tools and create interactive learning experiences that are gamified, engaging, and relevant.

Subjects covered:

The subjects covered in our application are maths, science, and social studies; with learning experiences that are linked to the academic standards for ages 9-13.

Our goal is to solve students' disengagement from learning and to offer them a tool that satisfies their curiosity about their surroundings. We will achieve this through creating learning experiences that are relevant, authentic, and engaging.

Story of Agora:

Gamification: The learning journey in Agora is built around a storyline of a parallel universe called Agora that needs help to survive. Through the attempt to save Agora, children will embark on different adventures to collect items, unlock codes, solve challenges, and achieve different milestones throughout the journey.

Oggy; the main character of the app is there to guide and help in solving the challenges.

Description of how the application works:


Relevant: Using real life objects as learning triggers makes the learning experience relevant and familiar to students.

Authentic: Augmented reality allows students to see and explore.

Engaging: Gamification is used to create a more engaging learning journey.


Parent Dashboard:

Academic elements:

Connecting learning to the real world: Learning is no longer confined to the walls of the classroom and content is extended to the outside world beyond textbooks. Using augmented reality supports the application of the situated learning theory where students have the opportunity to connect with the real world and have a practical understanding of abstract concepts.

Accessibility to learning: Augmented reality learning solutions are more accessible and affordable nowadays as they can run on smartphones by simply downloading an application.

Learner directed: Augmented reality educational programs have the value of being learner-directed and relevant to students’ interests. Learners have the freedom and responsibility to choose what, how, where, and when they learn.

Available for:

Why we need your support:

We know children are curious by nature, and given the relevant resources, they would be interested and engaged in learning. But VCs told us education is for schools and governments & parents are not interested to pay more on education.

We have been self funded all the way putting our savings into research, prototyping, validation, development, and testing.

By backing us you are not just making our hard work see the light, but you are also giving us the ability to create a learning tool that our children can use anytime and anywhere to connect with the real world and learn things that really matter.

 We have come too far to stop now: 

  • Validated our concept of learning from real life objects and real life situations with over 300 students.
  • Tested our prototype with over 60 students.
  • Arranged for a pilot phase with 2 different schools to observe students and teachers interact with the app.
  • Created over 100 3D models for our augmented reality scenes.
  • Designed over 50 learning modules where learning outcomes from the curriculum got linked with everyday objects.
  • Attended over 30 workshops both local and global in education and game development.
  • Consulted over 15 experts in different areas; education, development, UI/UX, game design, business, law, etc.

 Meet the Team:

3rd place in Vodafone Innovation Hackathon


Big thank you: 

 For any questions or inquiries please reach out at info@exploreagora.com or through our Facebook page or Instagram account .

Risks and Challenges:

We started working on this project since February 2018, it took us quite some time with the technology limitations to reach a level where we can create stable augmented reality scenes that can be interactive as well, which is the case now.

Our app is designed to allow children to scan almost all the objects around them in real life and to provide them with learning experiences about those objects. However, it will take us some time to create enough bundles that covers those learning experiences which are increasing day by day. For the time being, we are directing children to scan the objects for which learning experiences are available.

Our estimated delivery times are accurate and based on previous experience of trial and error, the only thing that we cannot accurately estimate is the time that iOS and Android take to approve and launch the app on their store, it usually takes from 2 weeks to 1 month so we planned the estimated delivery times based on that.

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