Dushanbe Solar City

Help us crowdfund a solar food truck, which will showcase the potential of solar power and kickstart a wave of projects in Dushanbe. Let's make Dushanbe a Solar City!

Dushanbe Solar City


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Dushanbe residents launched crowdfunding campaign for the procurement and installation of 4,3kW array of solar PV system on the roof of the first electric food truck in the city.

Dushanbe is the sunny capital of Tajikistan. The city has a significant capacity to utilize solar energy as it enjoys over 300 sunny days a year.

Fo 10 months of the year 50-80% of households can have their needs met by solar energy. However the proportion of energy loss at the stages of production and transportation remains high (15%) indicating the need for increased energy efficiency.

Dushanbe is a city of green parks and squares. However, rapid expansion in the use of ground transportation in the city leads to significant air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Lack of eco-friendly affordable food stations along with free public access to internet connection for citizens, lead to various health problems among young people and affect the financial stability of the citizens.

What we'll deliver:

  • Procure and install 4,3 kW array of solar panels on the roof of the 1st electric food truck in the city
  • Offer residents locally produced, fresh and healthy food & FREE access to Internet
  • Equip solar-powered food truck with USB terminals and sockets for FREE charging of mobile phones, laptops

Why it's a great idea?

Your donations will bring Dushanbe to results it could not think about before.

A total of 4,3 KW array of solar panels will be procured and installed on the roof of the social facility in the city

With your donations & support from the private sector, the solar-powered food truck will operate in the city generating clean photovoltaic electricity & offering citizens locally produced, fresh and healthy food as well as free access to internet. The solar-powered food truck will be equipped with USB terminals & sockets for free charging of the gadgets. The system will allow to save 31,004 kw of energy and 720 liters of fuel decreasing carbon emissions. With solar food truck - we will demonstrate sustainable energy efficient solutions increasing citizens awareness and engagement. If more is gathered than planned, the funds will be spent for the procurement of additional energy efficient equipment and/or ecologically clean utensils to engage residents in environmental practice

Steps to get it done:

  • Procurement, delivery and installation of the solar panels

With support from the Dushanbe Mayor’s office and within public private partnership agreement, the private sector will cover the costs for the procurement and delivery of the first electric car to the city of Dushanbe.

The installation of the solar panels on the roof of the electric car/food truck will allow to reduce energy costs, fuel dependency, CO2 emissions, create new jobs and demonstrate innovative example of what citizens, businesses and governments can do to tackle climate change and build resilient future.

All pledges to this project must be made in £GBP. Please use this currency converter to calculate how much you wish to pledge:


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