Dekken-e / E-Voucher System, Shopping with Dignity

We are looking to help 400 to 500 families ensure their basic necessities while supporting small shops to stay afloat using a creative and innovative solution!

Dekken-e / E-Voucher System, Shopping with Dignity


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Partnership with Arcenciel and Live Love Beirut contributing to rehabilitation of 7 SMEs and supporting 380 vulnerable families in the affected areas with E-vouchers from those SMEs that they are supporting. The idea is to focus on fundraising campaign to get more funds for the vulnerable families who were affected by the blast.


The living conditions in Lebanon have become increasingly unbearable. Due to the multifaceted crisis the country is going through, purchasing power has been heavily affected and small shops are struggling to keep their doors open.


The digital voucher app allows families in need to regain their purchasing power during a time when resources are scarce. For the first time, an app has been developed to safely and transparently reroute donations to underprivileged families through e-vouchers. The tickets can be used at select merchants, businesses and supermarkets. This innovative design allows for transparent transactions, making sure that beneficiaries are taking advantage of monetary donations and putting them to good use.

Why e-vouchers? The app’s approach to distributing donations boasts many advantages, first of which is security. Vouchers cannot be lost, forged, or stolen. The experience is easy and seamless, as simple as logging in with the user’s credentials and browsing vouchers and merchants.

Long-Term Impact

By donating to this project you will accomplish two key objectives. 

  • On one hand, you will help empower vulnerable people affected by the Beirut blast to regain their purchasing power and shop for basic necessities with dignity and autonomy instead of simply receiving a food box. On the other hand, your contribution will help ensure that small shops have the means to stay afloat in these difficult times.
  • By means of a brand new app, users will have an online wallet that they can use in small shops and grocery stores to buy basic necessities (anything except tobacco and alcohol). Your generous (hopefully recurring) donations will help fund these wallets giving the shops the means to keep pushing through.

This project is backed by AFD and Danida, and implemented by Expertise France with the help of Live Love Lebanon, Arcenciel and Development for People and Nature Association (DPNA).

*Campaign has received a $60,000 offline donation and achieved its goal!

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