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Unfortunately, we don't know how many times the teachers missed the boat to go to teach at SDN 006 Ungar.

The location of the school which is on the other side of the island requires them to go by boat. Not infrequently, they have to wait several hours to get a boat.

Pak Azwar is one of those teachers. His home is on Kundur Island, while he has to teach on Manda Island.

The same condition is also experienced by students of MTS Al-Muttaqin. However, the location taken is the opposite. MTS students live on Manda Island, while their school is on Kundur Island.

“Our school is on the other side of the island, Sis. We have to take a boat there.” said one of the students of MTS MTS Al-Muttaqin

Imagine, how does it feel to have to cross the island every day to be able to go to school?

In the scorching sun or when it rains, they go through it all. Their struggle to get an education is extraordinary.

Their hope is simple, teachers who want to educate the next generation of the nation. Students who want to achieve their goals. In their hands, there is the future of our country.

They really hope that there is a free boat that can take them to school every day.

Good brother, all the conveniences that we are currently experiencing must be shared with brothers and sisters in the interior. Let's create an educational boat for them together. This boat will make it easier for teachers and all students to go to school.

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